• Inclining Definition & Synonyms

  1. (a.) Same as Inclined, 3.
  2. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Incline
  3. (n.) Inclination; disposition.
  4. (n.) Party or side chosen; a following.

• Incline Definition & Synonyms

  1. (v. t.) To impart a tendency or propensity to, as to the will or affections; to turn; to dispose; to influence.
  2. (n.) An inclined plane; an ascent o/ descent; a grade or gradient; a slope.
  3. (v. i.) Fig.: To lean or tend, in an intellectual or moral sense; to favor an opinion, a course of conduct, or a person; to have a propensity or inclination; to be disposed.
  4. (v. i.) To bow; to incline the head.
  5. (v. t.) To bend; to cause to stoop or bow; as, to incline the head or the body in acts of reverence or civility.
  6. (v. i.) To deviate from a line, direction, or course, toward an object; to lean; to tend; as, converging lines incline toward each other; a road inclines to the north or south.
  7. (v. t.) To cause to deviate from a line, position, or direction; to give a leaning, bend, or slope to; as, incline the column or post to the east; incline your head to the right.

Dispose, Lean, Pitch, Ramp, Run, Side, Slope, Tend,