• Reflect Definition & Synonyms

  1. (v. i.) To throw or turn back the thoughts upon anything; to contemplate. Specifically: To attend earnestly to what passes within the mind; to attend to the facts or phenomena of consciousness; to use attention or earnest thought; to meditate; especially, to think in relation to moral truth or rules.
  2. (v. i.) To throw back light, heat, or the like; to return rays or beams.
  3. (v. i.) To be sent back; to rebound as from a surface; to revert; to return.
  4. (v.) To give back an image or likeness of; to mirror.
  5. (v.) To bend back; to give a backwa/d turn to; to throw back; especially, to cause to return after striking upon any surface; as, a mirror reflects rays of light; polished metals reflect heat.
  6. (v. i.) To cast reproach; to cause censure or dishonor.

Contemplate, Meditate, Mull, Muse, Ponder, Reverberate, Ruminate, Shine, Speculate,

• Reflectible Definition & Synonyms

  1. (a.) Capable of being reflected, or thrown back; reflexible.

• Reflection Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) The act of reflecting, or turning or sending back, or the state of being reflected.
  2. (n.) Shining; brightness, as of the sun.
  3. (n.) The reverting of the mind to that which has already occupied it; continued consideration; meditation; contemplation; hence, also, that operation or power of the mind by which it is conscious of its own acts or states; the capacity for judging rationally, especially in view of a moral rule or standard.
  4. (n.) The return of rays, beams, sound, or the like, from a surface. See Angle of reflection, below.
  5. (n.) An image given back from a reflecting surface; a reflected counterpart.
  6. (n.) A part reflected, or turned back, at an angle; as, the reflection of a membrane.
  7. (n.) The transference of an excitement from one nerve fiber to another by means of the nerve cells, as in reflex action. See Reflex action, under Reflex.
  8. (n.) Censure; reproach cast.
  9. (n.) That which is produced by reflection.
  10. (n.) Result of meditation; thought or opinion after attentive consideration or contemplation; especially, thoughts suggested by truth.

Contemplation, Expression, Manifestation, Musing, Observation, Reflexion, Rumination,