• Speculation Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) A conclusion to which the mind comes by speculating; mere theory; view; notion; conjecture.
  2. (n.) Examination by the eye; view.
  3. (n.) The act of speculating.
  4. (n.) A game at cards in which the players buy from one another trumps or whole hands, upon a chance of getting the highest trump dealt, which entitles the holder to the pool of stakes.
  5. (n.) The act or practice of buying land, goods, shares, etc., in expectation of selling at a higher price, or of selling with the expectation of repurchasing at a lower price; a trading on anticipated fluctuations in price, as distinguished from trading in which the profit expected is the difference between the retail and wholesale prices, or the difference of price in different markets.
  6. (n.) Any business venture in involving unusual risks, with a chance for large profits.
  7. (n.) Power of sight.
  8. (n.) Mental view of anything in its various aspects and relations; contemplation; intellectual examination.
  9. (n.) The act or process of reasoning a priori from premises given or assumed.

Conjecture, Guess, Hypothesis, Meditation, Supposition, Surmisal, Surmise, Venture,