Lesco Online Bill Check 2024

Check your LESCO bill online with user-friendly platform by visiting official LESCO website for convenience of Lahore consumer. Find here step by step easy way to download and get duplicate LESCO Bill Online for the month of March 2024. Simplify your electricity billing with an easy way to access LESCO online bill check and download options. LESCO stands for Lahore Electric Supply Company.

Lesco Online Bill Check 2024

LESCO was made to make electricity generation, sending, and giving it out easier. They want to make sure people always have electricity. LESCO keeps making its network better by using new technology and making more places to get electricity from.

LESCO Bill Check Online

Now, let's see how you can easily check and deal with your LESCO online bills.

1. Easy Online Bill Checking:

Lesco bill check online 2024 is super easy. Just go to the official LESCO website or use their special customer service portal. Type in your unique 14-digit number found on any old LESCO bill. Then, you can see, save, or print your newest monthly electricity bill right away. This handy service helps you track your electricity use and costs without needing a paper bill. You can even get a Lesco Online Bill Duplicate.

2. Benefits of Online Bill Checking:

There are a lot of advantages to checking your LESCO bill online 2024. Don't panic if your bill never arrives in the mail! You can still see it online. This helps you avoid late payments and any trouble. It's really helpful for people who might lose their bills or not get them on time. Also, you can download a Lesco duplicate bill from LESCO's website.

3. Steps to Check and Download LESCO Duplicate Bill:

Here's a simple guide to checking your LESCO duplicate bill online:

  • Step 1: Access lescobillpay.pk
  • Step 2: Locate the input fields for "Reference Number" or "Customer ID."
  • Step 3: Enter Your Reference Number, which you can find on your previous LESCO electricity bill.
  • Step 4: Click "Submit" or "Check Bill" to process your request.
  • Step 5: Once retrieved, examine your current LESCO bill on the screen and print it if needed.

In 2024, checking your LESCO bill online is super easy. You can track your usage, see if you owe any money, and understand how much electricity you're using. LESCO's website makes it simple to manage your electric bill. So, enjoy the convenience of handling your electricity charges from home with LESCO's online services. Also, you can download a Lesco duplicate bill if you need one.


1. Does Lesco charge for using their online bill-checking service?

No, Lesco provides its Online Bill Check facility free of charge to its consumers. You can check your bill online without any additional cost.

2. If my physical Lesco bill hasn't arrived, what should I do?

You can still check your statement online if an address issue or any other cause has prevented you from receiving your Lesco bill. Use your Lesco Bill Reference Number to generate a duplicate bill online. You can then print or download this bill and use it for payment.

3. Can I submit suggestions or feedback about Lesco's web portal?

Yes, Lesco welcomes suggestions and feedback from its customers. You can submit your suggestions through the website's client feedback section.

4. Are other Wapda companies offering similar online bill-checking services?

Yes, almost all Wapda companies have their own billing utilities on their websites. Customers can generate their online duplicate bills through these utilities, similar to Lesco's Online Bill Check facility.

5. What does the GST symbol on my power bill mean?

General Sales Tax is referred to as GST. It is a 17% charge applied to the total electricity cost on your bill. The collected GST contributes to government revenue.

6. Why is there a TV Fee in my LESCO bill?

The TV Fee is an additional fixed charge of Rs. 35 included in the LESCO bill to generate funds for Pakistan Television (PTV). It supports the broadcasting services provided by PTV.

7. Which districts are supplied with electricity by LESCO?

LESCO, also known as the Lahore Electric Supply Company, provides electricity to five districts in Punjab:

  • Kasur
  • Lahore
  • Nankana
  • Okara
  • Sheikhupura

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Lesco online bill check process is simpler and easy to access.

  • Ibtihaj, Lahore

Effortless Lesco bill payments. User-friendly interface, timely notifications. Simplifies electricity bill management. Reliable service, making the payment process convenient.

  • Ashhad, Lahore