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Reviews & Comments on Samaa News

In some of the western countries,prices and rates are reduced during Ramzan ul Mubarak .
PROF.DR.ALAY AHMAD, PESHAWAR Wednesday, April 07 2021

samma is the good channel of pakistan , my favourite programme nadeem malik kive and news beat wlith paras jahanzaeb.
shahid sidddiqui, karachi. Friday, March 26 2021

please subscribe my activation
Muhammad Ali, TAUNSA SHARIF Thursday, January 21 2021

میاں چنوں کے نواحی گاوں چکنمبر 126/15L کے بااثر افراد نے سرکاری شارع پر قبضہ کر کے تعمیرات بنا لی جس سے علاقہ مکینوں کو گزرنے میں شدید مشکلات کا سامنا هے
علاقه مکینوں نے سرکاری شارع واگزار کرانے کے لیے اسسٹنٹ کمشنر میاں چنوں کو تحریری درخواست گزاری جس پر اسسٹنٹ کمشنر میاں چنوں نے شارع کو فوری واگزار کرانے کے عدالتی احکامات جاری کیے جس پر محکمہ مال کاروائی کرنے سے مسلسل گریزاں هے
علاقہ مکینوں نے احتجاج کرتے ھوے ڈپٹی کمشنر خانیوال سے شارع واگزار کرانے اور شارع پر قابض ندیم ولد علی اکبر ،امداد ولد سکندر اور راشد ولد امداد اقوام ڈوگر کے خلاف قانونی کاروائی کا مطالبہ کیا ہے.
Shamshad ali, mian channu Monday, January 18 2021

As a First class cricketer and person of layari I have to proud on you just my daughter and also I belong to Kala koat and I have too much proud on you and if u need any thing you can call me on my cell no also send me ur no and home addess i shall just jeet u and that i have I with u in every problem with and really u are like my elder daughter also she is athelatics and basket ball champion and also pray for her
will be national team member insha Allah my dear daughter again I have much proud on u must call me tomorrow because i have just come from hospital was admit in ulcer problem and also I played a first class cricketer and belong to lyari I Could not select in national team like a my dear coahc Fakher din baloach also a proof where when he had for national cricket team but bad luck he belongs to lyari do no be worry God will better four insha Allah
Nazeer Shahzad, Karachi Lyari South marri jl Monday, January 18 2021

M Jahanzaib, Jhang Tuesday, January 12 2021

Earlier this channel was good, now it has bc CRIME REPORTING CHANNEL in its news time.
Ateeq, Karachi Tuesday, January 05 2021

AHMAD , PAKISTAN Monday, January 04 2021

I like Sama TV
Kashif Iqbal Gill, Mirpurkhas Thursday, December 31 2020

Breaking news mmain Urdu ko read to kerne? do
Ahmed, Barcelona Tuesday, December 29 2020

Congratulations on SAMAA.
13 the anniversary
Ismail Nakhuda, Trinidad, West Indies. Friday, December 25 2020

Dunya crona se he taba ho gaiye Europe America sub humare apposition ko ye fact he Nazir aaya to ye aur jhuk marain ge sale khote
Hanif , Copenhagen Sunday, December 20 2020

Weldon kiran ne ppp aur noon ki kuttoon wali kar di
naeem, stoughton MA Sunday, December 13 2020

sama is LAFAFA Chienel of NIYAZi DOG
ss iqbal, Denhaag Monday, December 07 2020

Plz bol channel ki live streaming b kya kren
Hamna, Sheikhupura Monday, December 07 2020

رحیم یار خان میں سٹیزن پورٹل میں شکایات پر بلکل کاروائی اور عمل نہیں کیا جا تا ،اسکانمونہاولڈبھٹہ کالونی نزد اؤر ہیڈ برج کے پاس موجود ہے عوام پریشانی کا شکار ہین،بلدیہ اور حکومت کو بد دعائیں دے رہے ہیں۔
Sheikh Shafqat ALI, Rahim Yar Khan Friday, December 04 2020

I want to write poetry for newspaper
silent love , Rajana Wednesday, December 02 2020

Engr. AHMAD, TORONTO Tuesday, December 01 2020

jalsa hona PTI ki haar hay .
zia, karachi Monday, November 30 2020

Dear Team .
My all family like this channel very much, That is very authentic and informative channel, we are fully satisfy with this channel.
AKHTAR AHMED , Karachi Wednesday, November 25 2020

sir mujhy sama news mein job chaia auw apko 15day mein pata chal jy ga k mein ap k chenal k liay kitna faiday mand hon
fakhar khan, faislabad Monday, November 23 2020

zunair, ryk Sunday, November 22 2020

Samaa is one of the most popular TV channels being watched regionally as well as globally
Manzoor Ahmed, Karachi Friday, November 20 2020

Welcome Train in Karachi, I miss those Train, while going to school in the 70s.
Ismail Nakhuda, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies. Friday, November 20 2020

miri request hy k pak leage mn sirf aur sirf pakistn k players hony chahian ta k nojwanon ko moqa mily aor paisa bhi ghair mulk jany sy bach jay. miri request Hakoat tk ponhchai jay. Shamshir Solangi
Shamshir Ali, Tauns Sharif, distt. DGKhan Tuesday, November 17 2020

السلام علیکم! ڈوزئیردینے سے باہروالوے خوش ہونگے کہ امریکہ اوریورپ پاکستان کوکچھ نہ کہہ سکاانڈیاکامیاب کاروائیاں کررہاہے۔اس کاعلاج صرف انڈیاپربھرپورحملہ ہے
abdulkhaliq, kamra cantt Attock Monday, November 16 2020

رگنگ کاالزام لگانے والے الیکشن نکمیشن جائیں ان نکوکس نے منع کیاہے اگررگنگ ثابت نہ ہوتوالزام لگفانے والے کوسزادیجانی چاہیئے
abdulkhaliq, kamra cantt Attock Sunday, November 15 2020

Great channel
Mubbashir asad, Karachi Tuesday, November 10 2020

marium nawaz plz says ur father return our money n dont do corruption again sad
badar alam, riyadh Monday, November 09 2020

Zimbabwe daun se Nummer 1 hai ab Pakistan daun se 2 number aa gai
Singh, Pakistan Sunday, November 08 2020

Samaa News

Watch Samaa News live streaming today Thursday, October 28 2021 online at hamariweb, enjoy all of the latest programs through Samaa News live TV channel online live streaming. Watch your favorite programs on Samaa News live TV online without any hassle. Along with Samaa News, you can also watch Pakistan live TV streaming of other channels on their respective pages.

SAMAA TV is the first Pakistani private satellite news channel which offers live transmission simultaneously from different cities of Pakistan: Lahore, Quetta, Karachi, Peshawar, and Islamabad. Their live news bulletin, political talk shows, and other range of quality programs are a great source of entertainment for views. However, viewers get information about different topics such as the social issues, infotainment, sports, etc. Within a short span of time the channel positioned itself among the top rated current affairs and news channels.

Samaa TV news Live has the assistance of talented news team that comprise of Paras Jahanzeb, Nadeem Malik, and Shahzad Iqbal. Samaa News TV believes truly on their motto “Sansani Nahi Sirf Khabar” and has engaged their energies in collecting and transmitting authentic news ONLY. Samaa TV Live news telecast is the forte of the channel as their business thrives on this phenomenon. Breaking news and live coverage of all the significant events happening in the country is the best way to capitalize in the industry and grab the TRP ratings and Samaa TV News Live has done this brilliantly.

Samaa News Live has been phenomenal in providing live and authentic news from the major cities of Pakistan, namely Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Islamabad, and Peshawar. Unbiased reporting in an ethical and responsible manner is what Samaa TV actually believes in. Reporting of accurate facts and current affairs commentary without political affiliations or hidden agendas is the forte of Samma New TV.

Samma News is giving all the required coverage to the JIT case of Panama and hearing of Sharif family members. The channel is actively reporting about the latest updates linked to the case to the viewers. You can access the breaking news and news updates linked to Panama case and response of opposition parties on Samma News. Apart from usual programs, SAMAA channel presents some quality content that interests the audience. Samaa News in Urdu allows you to see live hourly Samaa News bulletin and Samaa Breaking News update if certain news is to be declared in between the headlines. Samaa News headlines are telecast every hour with latest breaking news that is happening every minute. This keeps the public aware. Current affairs and talk shows at Samaa TV are hosted by biggest names in journalism include Abdullah Farhat Ullah, Abida Hamid, Nadeem Malik, Paras Khursheed, Beena Khan and other. Samaa TV real story is gaining immense popularity among the viewers.

Samaa News TV – Reporting reality based news and broadcasting shows based on facts has been the forte of Samaa TV. The channel has truly lived up to the expectation of the dedicated viewers by every mean. Whether its current affairs show, political debate based program, hourly bulletin or breaking news, Samaa News with its utmost professionalism has never let down the expectation of general public. Samaa News Live is the first private news channel to broadcast live transmission to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and Peshawar simultaneously.

The addition of Saama TV to Pakistani electronic media has increased healthy competition for gaining high TRPs. Samaa News TV aims to report & broadcast news, critical review, & current affairs show in an unbiased manner. Authentic content of news & neutral discussion on current affairs without any sort of political involvement or diplomatic agenda is the hallmark of Samaa News. Samaa endeavors to bring genuine & unbiased news content through its wide range of professional experience to its viewers. Some of the renowned names in journalism are associated with Samma TV, who extended their professional expertise to ensure timely broadcast of news & information round the clock. The live news bulletin of SAMAA, perceptive political talk shows & other TV shows including sports, social, economic, & infotainment has placed it amongst the top tier news & current affairs channels of Pakistan. This page can be searched by Samma TV, Samma News Live, Samma News Bulletin, Samma TV News Live, Samma TV live streaming to name a few.

Some of the popular shows of Samma TV are:

Subh Saveray Samma Kay Sath

Most popular morning show of Samaa TV titled “Subh Saveray Samma Kay Sath” on airs every morning from Monday to Friday at 9:05 AM. The show is hosted by famous TV actress Sadia Imam. The show serves as a perfect energy boost for the viewers as it is packed with entertainment, information regarding beauty tips, household tips, discussions with invited guests and lot more. Watch out this interesting morning show on Samma News live.


If you are urging for authentic news reporting and unbiased informative show, then tune in to Awaz on airs from Monday to Thursday at 10:03 PM. The show is hosted by Shahzad Iqbal, a popular media person. His way of authentic and reality based hosting makes it quiet evident for the viewers to stick to their TV screens. In every episode of Awaz show, the host invites a guest to discuss certain topic in detail. Don’t forget to watch Awaz on airs only Samaa TV News Live.

Court No. 5

Samma TV News broadcasts COURT NO. 5 a dramatized show revealing heart wrenching court cases that are based on common man’s problems. Hosted by Aminah Kabir, she advocates each case on behalf of suppressed and helpless citizens who are seeking justice. The format of the show welcomes any real crime story that can be dramatized and bring into focus of general public. You can watch Court No. 5 every Monday at 11:05 PM.

News Beat

News Beat is a flagship show of Samma News TV which is considered to be the gateway to all the current top stories that manages to make headlines. The show focuses on the political turmoil to social & cultural issues. Hosted by very talented Paras Khursheed, the show takes you to an in-depth insight at the main story that caused the maximum rouse. You can witness a conversation & argument with the panel of invited guests in order to acknowledge their verdict. The show telecasts from Monday – Thursday at 20:03 – 21:00. You can watch News Beat online & live on with latest videos & episodes of the talk show.