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inshALLAH one day i will pray juma in madina and makkah please pray for me that i will be go to makkah to see the holy place
tahir adeeb, lahore Thursday, April 20 2017

I submit hajj application with 06 persons group i espacialy requested to all muslim and friends to pray for acciption of my application
javid iqbal mian, Shangla pakistan Wednesday, April 19 2017

In sha allah
Khalil, Pakistan Tuesday, April 18 2017

İnşallah one Day I will pray jumah here
Make duâ for me and all brothers who want to come here
And jumah mübarek
Judurrahman , Turkey Friday, April 14 2017

Judurrahman Habeşistanli live in Turkey
Judurrahman , Türkiye Friday, April 14 2017

Alhamdulillah allahu akhbar
Sultan ahmad , New Jersey USA Thursday, April 13 2017

MOHAMMAD, PAKISTAN Thursday, April 13 2017

I am.going to hajj
Abutalib , Khameesh.mushait Wednesday, April 12 2017

Allah loves cry and faith?
Shahid, Bombay Wednesday, April 05 2017

جزاهم الله احسن الجزاء
مجاهد الاسلام, Dhaka Sunday, March 19 2017

FAROOK AHMED HASHNI, KOTA Saturday, March 18 2017

Masha Allah really beautiful city and place.
safdar hussain, Khsmis Mushayt Tuesday, March 14 2017

masha allah
ryal live hai
akbar, BHAINSA Saturday, March 11 2017

why this site is not working from many days or why live stream is not available???? please do something??/ i can not survive without seeing Khana kaba and listening recitation live!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( :'( please please do something!!!! :'(
Mehwish Maqsood , Variyan Wand Friday, March 03 2017

Masha Allah! Such a lovely recitation which give me some relax. The way of recitation with Holy places videos are really amazing. May Allah give me a chance to visit there.
bilal, khi Thursday, February 16 2017


Ahmad, saudi arabia Tuesday, February 14 2017

the nice
nadeem, Lahore Saturday, February 11 2017

ibrahim khan, from dubai Saturday, February 11 2017

Nazam, Parma Sunday, February 05 2017

Ya Allah Pakistan ke hifazat farma.ameen
m.ali, charsadda Friday, January 27 2017

Allah molke pakistan ko aman walla banae ameen
ramzan,lodhran, lodhran Thursday, January 19 2017

k shyan h kaba
Hamare mn ki murad h kaba
Sher khan, Shahpura pratappura Wednesday, January 18 2017

mujhe haj ka buth shook hai magar haseeyat ni
salma, karachi Tuesday, January 17 2017

The best place to be on earth. Maasha Allah
Irshad, Mauritius Monday, January 02 2017

Ya allah i have schizophrenia! I love you allah. You are the best to me.

Syed Imran

The schizophrenic of mecca
imran syed, beaumont Thursday, December 29 2016

Allah ho Akbar very nice
Muhammad Hayat khan, Lahore Pakistan Tuesday, December 27 2016

very good transmission
syed faqir taj, mardan pakistan Monday, December 26 2016

my online channels are not working
Ossama Fazal, Lahore Thursday, December 22 2016

Very nice transmission
matimadat, Lakkimarwat kpk Pakistan Tuesday, December 20 2016

Happy Eid melad-un-Nabi specially to Middle East and particularly to all Muslims and Sympathies with Egypt and Turkey about sad news of bomb blasts against Muslims and Christians.
Ahson Yahya, This is secret from terrorists where and in which city I am Sunday, December 11 2016

Watch Makkah Live TV - The spirit of Hajj is revived with an exclusive live channel broadcast from Saudi Arabia, Makkah TV Live. The channel gained immense popularity and fame in Pakistan and around the Muslim world. Muslim viewers can access Makkah TV transmission from this platform. The channel has the significance to broadcast Hajj Live directly from Holy Khana e Kaaba. That is beneficial for all Muslims across the globe to witness and gain blessings of Allah Almighty who are unable to visit Holy Kaaba physically. Mecca Transmission Live aims to cover all the aspects and stages of Hajj 2016 Live completely including the Khutba e Hajj live from Makkah. Muslims can stay connected to this important pillar of Islam by witnessing each and every stage of Hajj 2016 Live.

Makkah TV Live 2016 on airs the latest news, information about the Hajj and guide the pilgrims in the best possible way. You can stream it online for more updates. Makkah TV Live HD broadcast five times prayers and Azaan. Makkah TV Live Streaming is available during the month of Zilhajj covering the entire hajj transmission and later Eid ul Adha. The families of the pilgrims can also follow this channel to stay connected to each and every component of Hajj in Saudi Arabia. The soothing voice of Imam E Kaaba creates a deep impact on the minds of viewers that you feel like you are already there at Makkah. You can watch Hajj transmission live streaming from Makkah Live TV in HD version on this website. Watch Makkah TV Live 2016 online Streaming at Welcome to the exclusive page of Makkah TV.

Makkah TV Live is available for Muslim viewers online. The channel is broadcast live from Saudi Arabia. The month of Zilhajj is significant as Holy Hajj takes place on the 11th of the month. Millions of Muslim visits Holy Kaaba to perform Hajj. Makkah Live TV plays an important role in broadcasting Hajj 2016 Live for those who are unable to perform Hajj this year but can still watch it happening. Makkah TV is surely a significant religious TV channel that aims to broadcast all the religious practices, Islamic informative programs, talks of various Muftis and Alim E Deen on various religious issues etc.

This year experience Hajj 2016 Live telecasted on Makkah TV and facilitate from this incredible online facility. Muslims across the world can unite on this platform to pray and gather blessings of Allah Almighty.