Islamabad Beauty Parlor

Islamabad Beauty Parlor - Find phone numbers & location of Beauty Parlor in Islamabad Pakistan at largest online telephone directory of Pakistan.

Name Address Phone No.
Bismah Beauty Centre 1-C,Mohammadi Plaza,Blue Area, Islamabad 817635
Chinese Beauty Parlour China Town,Street 16,F-7/2,Rana Market, Islamabad 812760
Daniella Laings Hong Kong Beauty House #33,Street 27,F-6/2, Islamabad 2822967-2824956
Euro Hair Beauty Clinic & Gym 288,Main Daouble Road,F-10/4, Islamabad 2293256
Hand in Hand Parlour 8,Embassy Road,G-6/4, Islamabad 2812499
John Beauty Parlour Shop #11,Holiday Inn Hotel, Islamabad 2826055-2827311
L'Image Hair & Beauty Parlour H#14,St.#66,Parbat Road,F-7/3, Islamabad 2819944
Mee Lee Beauty Parlour House #1,Street #9,F-7/3, Islamabad 2824244-811811
Scissors Beauty Parlour Jasmine Plaza,Shop #9,G-8,Markaz, Islamabad 2250187