Aloo Ki Tikkiyan Recipe

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Aloo Ki Tikkiyan Recipe – Aloo ki Tikkiyan is a delicious Desi snack. This dish is perfect to be served at a tea time party, eating casually anytime, or at an Iftar during H Read More

Aloo Ki Tikkiyan Recipe – Aloo ki Tikkiyan is a delicious Desi snack. This dish is perfect to be served at a tea time party, eating casually anytime, or at an Iftar during Holy Ramadan. Aloo ki Tikkiyan Recipe is prepared in two proportions. Firstly you prepare the tikkiyan and then the covering for tikkiyan. For making tikkiyan you require potatoes, green chilies, red chili, coriander, zeera, kalonji, and salt. For making covering you need white flour, salt, oil, baking soda, and water. For final preparation of Aloo ki Tikkiyan recipe you need to dip tikkiyan in the covering batter and fry in oil till golden brown. This Aloo ki Tikkiyan recipe can be served with tomato ketchup, coriander or Imli chutney. Delicious and tempting Aloo Ki Tikkiyan recipe can be prepared for Iftar this year easily by following our method. This recipe is equally loved by children and adults. Hide


For tikiya:

4 big aloo

5-6 green chilli chopped

1 bunch of corriander (hara dhanyya) leaves chopped

2 tsp red chilli

1 tsp kalongi

1 tsp zeera

salt to taste

For covering of tikiya:

white flour a cup.

1 tea spoon salt.

2 table spoon oil

pinch of baking soda.

Water for making flour a paste.


Boil aloo and peel its skin..
Mash it and add all the masala and make small tikiya...or cutlets.
Now take white flour add oil salt and baking soda plus water to make a thick paste.
Heat oil in a pan.
Dip tikya in paste and deep fry it until golden brown.
Serve it with ketchup, corriander/imli chatney.

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These type of Aloo Ki Tikkiyan are very famous in hotel Pakistan delicious .Crisp from outside and soft inside fritters perfect for party snacks.
By: Maria, Form: Lahore, on 09 Apr, 2020
Aloo ki tikkyan is very nice good made it is so tasty with tomato ketchup
By: Umair, Form: Karachi, on 29 Jan, 2019
The recipe of aloo ki tikkiyan with the whole easy recipe that everyone can easily make it at home without get any trouble from here
By: aysha, Form: multan, on 30 May, 2018
This is so dish of aloo ki tikkiyan that makes with the lots of vegetables and the some masala that I can easily follow that by the following this recipe step by step
By: hamna, Form: Panjab, on 26 May, 2018
I am really excited to have the recipe of the Aloo Ki Tikkiyan because I love this dish my mother make it for me on every Iftar of the Ramadan
By: Dania, Form: Karachi, on 24 May, 2018
The aloo ki tikkiyan whole recipe mention here that I can make that with the delicious taste and same recipe who mentioned here
By: shani, Form: lahore, on 19 May, 2018
aloo ki tikkiyan is better for the lunch time. They are easy to make. Besides their taste is so good. Today I made them in almost 25 minutes and I was so glad.
By: Qaisara, Form: Bahawalnagar, on 15 May, 2018
Recipe of Aloo Tikkiyan is available here. many people still don’t know about this alu tikki recipe and I really want to suggest this recipe to all my friends
By: Najia, Form: Peshawar, on 05 May, 2018
Making Aloo KI Tikkiya with this method is so easy and good because it can saves my much time and give me some special ingredients to add in this
By: Areeba, Form: lahore, on 14 Jun, 2017
First time I see this aloo ki tikkiyan recipe and it looking very tasty by their face and the every recipe of this chef also very tasty which I make that some times
By: hania, Form: panjab, on 11 Jun, 2017