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Chef Shireen Anwar - Shireen Anwar is one of the most renowned Chefs of Pakistan, born 15, May 1954 in Karachi. She is an awe-inspiring, rarest, and unique cooking expert. She is indeed a prominent personality in Pakistan cooking. Shireen Anwar had an interest in cooking since childhood but she found her real talent after getting married where she followed her passion in the Culinary Arts. In 1984, she went to America where she instructed in “Western Foods Institute New York”. After 10 years of working in America, she came back to Pakistan and started teaching Culinary Arts in Karachi as well. She is famous for her seriousness and dedication towards her fans that earned her huge response from every household in Pakistan. Shireen Anwar is a veteran chef without a doubt with 27 years of culinary experience and has been sharing her experience of cooking through her program “Masala Morning” on Masala Channel that comes from every Monday to Friday. She shares her good tips with the viewers during cooking in her program. She owns two cookbooks to her name and specialized in oriental and continental cuisines, but personally enjoys making desserts. She has many awards and recognition from Pakistan, UAE, America, and London due to her experience in Culinary Arts. She is a brand ambassador of Malaysian Palm Oil, ManPasand Cooking Oil & National Food. She also runs a boutique in Karachi.

Shireen Anwar a 59-year-old Culinary Art Expert has been an inspiration and motivation to several beginners in cooking. She is also conducts cooking classes that took her to a new stage of success. Shireen Anwar's peerless style of cooking and determination aims to satisfy the taste bud of the one being served. Her cooking style is hugely appreciated not only in Pakistan, the United States but in Europe, Australia, and all around the world. Checkout Special 2015 recipes by Shireen Anwar

Birth Date: May 15, 1954
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Education: B.Sc (Home Economics) & M.A (English) Degree from University of Karachi
Awards: Brand ambassador of Malaysian palm oil, National Foods Pakistan, Ambreen Tariq boutique
Email: [email protected]

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  • Tue 06 Sep, 2022

I tried this chicken malai boti recipe. It was tasty and truly delicious! I can not describe how great it was. Great one food to enjoy at home.

  • Hammad, Islamabad
  • Wed 24 Aug, 2022

Excellent Chicken malai boti! Very simple to follow the recipe from here Extremely eager to attempt new recipes from this page and taste is delicious...

  • Ahmed, Islamabad
  • Tue 23 Aug, 2022

Chicken Malai Boti is a different recipe which is made with various spices. Chicken Malai Boti recipe is worth trying. Chicken Malai Boti is really the amazing taste

  • tahir, Sialkot
  • Mon 22 Aug, 2022

Thanks for sharing this Chicken Malai Boti recipe, it looks very good and awesome main course food. I want to make at home as well and it is the best spicy dish

  • Babar, Islamabad
  • Thu 18 Aug, 2022