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Chef Zubaida Tariq – Pakistani TV cooking shows are never complete without the name of Zubaida APA. Zubaida Tariq is a massive name in the field of cooking. Zubaida Tariq is the elder sister of television presenter, host, and writer Anwar Maqsood and aunt of the singer and guitarist Bilal Maqsood.

She started cooking at an early age after her marriage. After her husband’s retirement she got appointed in the same multinational company as an advisor to their product Dalda (cooking oil). Zubaida APA is a common name in every household. Zubaida Tariq ke totkey is the most famous tips and tricks which are prepared and discussed by Zubaida APA in many books and TV shows. Her home remedies and tips were really helpful for the people especially ladies. The fact about Zubaida Tariq is that she dint knew much about cooking when she got married and later learnt it with the passage of time.

Zubaida Apa versatility was new to Pakistan and she had a lot to prove when she was recognized firstly by few of her Husband’s colleague for the delicious lunch she used to give to her husband for office. With uniqueness in hand and natural instinct to produce the tastiest cuisine either for family or afterward in cooking shows. Zubaida Apa recipes in Urdu are compiled in so many books, CDs and DVDs. She has been on many cooking magazine covers for a long time. Her death was a great loss for the Pakistani cooking industry. Some of her famous and well-known recipes were:
• Mutton kunna
• Handi
• Chicken karahi
• Desi spaghetti
• Chinese fried rice
• Achaar recipes
• Chutney recipes
• Achaar chicken
• Palak gosht
• Different salads

Worked for numerous famous TV channels like ARY, Geo TV, Masala TV and has done quite a lot of cooking show. Cooking for Zubaida apa comes naturally by a will to learn and she has proved it by her massive range in Pakistani cuisine which can surely make taste buds alive. Hard work, Determination to be a best cook has made her do about 1000 cooking shows. The 68 year old APA has given proven remedies to cure, and many cooking remedies in order to enhance the taste of food and also to avoid food go stale. Zubaida apa has been the trendsetter for the cooking and culinary industry of Pakistan.

Birth Date: 4th April
Zodiac Sign:Aries
Favorite Flowers: Motia, Jasmine, Cestrum nocturnum (Raat Ki Rani)
Favorite Color: Off-White and Black.

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I was searching this recipe for a long time , thanks for uploading it

  • Iffat, Karaachi
  • Sun 24 Oct, 2021

No ginger garlic in this recipe?

  • Azra, Karachi
  • Thu 24 Dec, 2020

This is my favorite dessert all over, I love it when it is ready. My Mom made this recipe so I thought to review it. It was awesome, mein yeh baar baar khati hn...

  • Anabia, Dubai
  • Wed 09 Dec, 2020

kuch nai bus un hi

  • rizwan, lahore
  • Thu 06 Aug, 2020

I tried this recipe yesterday and was quite disappointed. There was no flavour at all. I'm surprised how did this get a 5 star. I will not be making this recipe again .

  • Debbie, Vancouver
  • Tue 09 Jun, 2020