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Chef Zakir Recipes - Muhammad Zakir Qureshi is known as Chef Zakir popular in Pakistan due to massive popularity he gained by preparing meritorious Pakistani and International cuisines. Chef Zakir is really a versatile personality, Pakistan television chef host and has also been host for various other leading cooking channels of Asia like Masala and Zauq TV. It would not be wrong if we rate Chef Zakir as Mozart of Pakistani cuisines. The veteran Chef Zakir started of his career in Sheraton Karachi in early 1980’s and since then is creating magic with his versatile style of cooking Pakistani, Asian and South African cuisine. He then moved to Avari hotel and after that he worked for PC Karachi.

The man generally knows how to mix up the ingredients to give it a mouth-watering aroma in the entire kitchen with luxurious and scrumptious cuisines. Chef Zakir has created many new and innovative recipes which are easy on hand to make and his creations and mixing of flavors are just so amazing that one cannot ignore the technique. He has also worked for PIA in its food and beverage section. The 46-year-old veteran chef has innovated tonnes of recipes like Chicken Biryani, Chicken Ginger Vietnamese Style, Marzipan cookies, Southern Fried rice, Juicy BAR B Q’s in his own distinctive.

Chef Zakir is an expert in making Pakistani and Asian cuisine. His recipes for chicken biryani became so famous in the last decade. Women used to call in his show and ask him for his biryani recipes. His tips on working in the kitchen as a professional chef were noteworthy. People in each household of Pakistan are following him for years what he is defining and portraying. Not only in Pakistan his recipes have crossed the border, and now is trending overseas countries as well. Chef Zakir currently works and hosts his own cooking show for Masala TV which comes under Hum TV network.

Chef Zakir has taught many different recipes from different cuisines like Italian, Pakistani, Chinese, Japanese and oriental. Some of his recipes became so popular that they became a must in every household dinner table. His recipes for different salads also got so much fame. Chef Zakir pizza recipe was very famous of its time and people used to try his technique to make the dough because of its softness and great result and taste. The most famous recipes by chef Zakir are: Colcannon Recipe, Chicken Cocktail with Garlic Sauce Recipe, Fry Sandwiches Recipe, Spaghetti Cheesecake Recipe, Masala Chickpeas Recipe

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Chef Zakir Recipes
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Make the chapli kabab which with the delicious taste by the help of this recipe which has the really good method of making it with the very short time My family always appreciates the food i cooks

  • zehra, Multan
  • Tue 06 Sep, 2022

I love this Chapli kabab and more than any kabab recipe. Chapli kabab is one the most favorite dish of the people of Peshawar,because of its taste. I normally made this recipe from this page

  • Sana, Multan
  • Wed 24 Aug, 2022

I love chapli kabab because it combined with spices is just simply delicious. I've unable to stop myself from finishing this. t is quite an easy recipe for chapli kabab.

  • zahid, Sialkot
  • Tue 23 Aug, 2022

I have recently chosen chapli kabab recipe from this site That was one of the best recipes to try. This Great method is anything but simple to follow

  • Abeer, karachi
  • Mon 22 Aug, 2022

It is astonishingly and amazing superb and tasty. I must say that everyone should try this Chapli Kabab Recipe just to have break from the daily food and to change the taste as well.

  • Huma, Multan
  • Thu 18 Aug, 2022