Aloo Murghi K Katlas Recipe in Urdu

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Try aromatic and tasty food at home by checking out some delicious recipes and online from this portal. Find the latest Pakistani, Chinese, Indian, and Continental recipes posted here. You can find the most authentic and latest recipes here. Hide


آلو اور مرغی کے کٹلٹس

مرغی ( ابال کر ریشہ کرلیں ) ----- ڈھائی سو گرام

آلو ( ابال کر بھرتہ کرلیں ) ----- دو عدد

ہری مرچیں ( باریک کٹی ہوئی ) ----- دو عدد

شملہ مرچیں ( باریک کٹی ہوئی ) دو عدد

مایونیز ---- آدھی پیالی

انڈہ ( پھینٹا ہوا ) ----- ایک عدد

ڈبل روٹی کا چورہ ------ ایک پیالی

کارن فلور ----- دو کھانے کے چمچ

پسی ہوئی کالی مرچ ------ ایک چوتھائی چائے کا چمچ

نمک ----- آھا چائے کا چمچ

تیل ----- حسب ضرورت


پیالے میں آلو اور مرغی ڈال کر ملائیں- اس میں نمک٬ کالی مرچ٬ ہری مرچ٬ کارن فلور٬ شملہ مرچ اور مایونیز شامل کر کے اچھی طرح سے ملا لیں- اس آمیزے کے کٹلٹس تیار کر لیں- کٹلٹس کو پہلے انڈے اور پھر ڈبل روٹی کے چورے میں لپیٹ لیں- فرائنگ پین میں تیل گرم کر کے کٹلٹس دونوں جانب سے سنہری رنگ آنے تک تل کر نکال لیں-

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Here we have the aloo murgha k katlas whole recipe available with the delicious taste and some ingredients that w easily follow that from here
By: azra, Form: islamabad, on 23 Apr, 2018
It’s the best recipe for health because the aloo murghi k katlas that is the good for health that’s why I prefer this dish to you that you must make for your child
By: zarnish, Form: lahore, on 22 May, 2017
What an amazing dish this turned out to be. I simply love having Aloo Murghi K Katlas once in a week for sure. This dish is superb and has perfect outstanding taste. Love to have it whenever mom prepares it.
By: rubayka, Form: khi, on 03 Jun, 2016
Hello , I am going to try this today, can you please tell me how to make the dipping white colour sauce your having with this cutlets,
By: Qudsiya, Form: Karachi , on 28 May, 2016
i am going to be making them tonight..prefer your method as it saves me one dirty pan, but had asked since i wanted to know whether using raw onions in the kebab mixture gives a raw taste in the mouth or notalso wanted to mention that your collection of kebab recipes is really good, InshaAllah will try a few in ramzan!
By: Shumaila, Form: karachi, on 25 May, 2016
Various methods are include in this site for making cutlets. Yesterday I made Aloo murghi kai cutlets according to this recipe, it is such an economical recipe which every one can afford.
By: farhana, Form: khi, on 17 May, 2016
Aloo Murghi K Katlas seems like a perfect Iftar item. I am all set to note down the recipe of Aloo Murghi Cutlets in my notebook and will give it a try. I think we can even make this recipe with Mutton!
By: Afshan, Form: Karachi, on 12 May, 2016
I made this recipe Aloo Chicken katlas for my kids and they lover it. I actually used mashed potatoes (frozen) instead of boiled potatoes and let me tell u OMG thats was delicious. Thanks
By: Shabana, Form: karachi, on 08 May, 2016
Ur recipe are simple and owsum. I didn't know about cooking well. I follow so many cooking channel but it didnt work well. But when i tried ur recipes my husbnd start liking my food. Jazak Allah for made our work easy. May Allah bless u. 
By: Shumaila, Form: Karachi , on 28 Apr, 2016
i really like Aloo Murghi K Katlas more then shami kabab .. as i like chicken more then beef or mutton that's why i like any thing with chicken in it..i have tried this recipe and the taste was really good
By: Ghazal Sheikh, Form: isb, on 12 Nov, 2013