Arabian Laham Mandi Recipe

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Arabic Laham Recipe – Its a traditional full course meal from Yemen. This dish is popular in majority area of Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, and Turkey. Arabic Laham recipe can Read More

Arabic Laham Recipe – Its a traditional full course meal from Yemen. This dish is popular in majority area of Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, and Turkey. Arabic Laham recipe can be prepared with meat (lamb or chicken), rice, and mixture of spices. The significant difference in cooking method of Arabic Laham from other meat dishes is that the meat is cooked in the tandoor. To cook Arabic Laham recipe, meat is first boiled with whole spices until tender. Basmati rice is cooked in spiced stock. Later the boiled meat is put into the 'tandoor' to roast and crisp. When the rice is done it is smoked by adding a piece of charcoal with some cooking oil spilled on top of it. Arabic Laham recipe is placed in a metal dish and covered properly to penetrate the smoke properly. Thi Eid ul Adha give your dining table a unique blend of taste with Arabic Laham mandi. You can garnish with almonds and serve hot. Hide


Mutton 1 kg

Rice 2 cup (soaked for half an hour)

Carrot 2 (grated)

Capsicum 2 (sliced)

Olive oil 4 tbsp

Almond ½ cup

Chicken stock 4 cup

Salt as required

Green cardamom 4

Clove 4

Black pepper 10

Nutmeg 1 pinch

Bay leaf 2

Ginger powder 1 tsp

Lemon 4 (sliced)

Water 1 cup


1.Add nutmeg, bay leaves, ginger powder, black pepper and clove in a grinder and grind well.
2.Now put mandi spices in a bowl and add lemon, 2 tablespoon oil, 1 cup water and salt.
3.Apply this mixture to the mutton and leave to marinate for a few hours.
4.Then tightly pack with aluminum foil.
5.Now bake in oven for 40 minutes.
6Take out from oven and cook until water dries.
7.Inflame a piece of coal and place it in the middle of mutton pan.
8.Now drizzle a little oil on coal and immediately cover it tightly.
9.Heat the remaining oil in a pan, add chicken stock and boil for a while.
10.Then add 1 tsp mandi spice.
11.Now add salt and rice and cook till very little water is left.
12.Then mix capsicum and carrot.
13.Cover tightly and steam on very low heat for 10 - 15 minutes.
14.When rice is ready, take it out in platter and put prepared mutton on top.
15.Garnish with almonds and serve hot

Note: Cooking Time:75-80 minuts, Serving: 3-4 persons

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There are many ways to cook Arabian Laham Mandi Mutton with rice and I love eating all types to Arabian Laham… but among all the laham types, I love to eat this recipe provided here by hamari web.
By: sahar, Form: khi, on 07 Oct, 2017
You can now make new dish every day with the help of this website because it can allow you to make the perfect recipe for your home
By: Afsheen, Form: Karachi, on 19 Sep, 2017
Mutton is a very good food for providing nutrition to your body. So this recipe of Arabian Laham Mandi Mutton with rice can easily be made for growing kids and the people who are suffering bad health.
By: Ibrahim, Form: Hat Yai, on 15 Sep, 2017
What a great thing it could be if you have a yummy plate of Arabian Laham Mutton with rice and drinks it in front of you??? Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.
By: haisem, Form: lahore, on 11 Sep, 2017
I once tried to make Arabic Laham recipe at home and it wasn’t a good experience. I became sad to taste it as it was very bad in taste and it disappointed me a lot. Well! I will try it with this recipe now.
By: Qandeel, Form: Hat Yai, on 29 Aug, 2017
I made Arabic laham recipe for the last family get together which was arranged for the success of my elder son as he got a good job. It was so good. Share some food that can be made on get together.
By: Sana, Form: Mandi, on 25 Aug, 2017
Oh. I never tried this Arabic Laham recipe. Do not know what kind of this recipe is but I have heard a lot about it. Seems to be a good dish. Well! I will let you know about its taste later.
By: Faiza, Form: Larkana, on 23 Aug, 2017
I used to think that it is very tough job to make Arabic Laham but after trying this Arabic Laham recipe, I have totally changed my views about cooking Arabic Laham.
By: Talat, Form: Larkana, on 22 Aug, 2017
Due to the popularity of Arabian Laham, I ate this dish when I went to perform Umrah last year. After a long time I am success to find Arabian Laham Recipe on this Web, I am wondering and thinking to make it on this Eid insha Allah.
By: inaya, Form: khi, on 21 Aug, 2017
The best thing about this website is that it always provides me with the best and easiest way to make every food I want to cook. Thank you for being there in my life.
By: Wahid, Form: Philadelphia, on 18 Aug, 2017