BBQ Club Sandwich

4 PERSON 30 minutes 15 minutes
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BBQ Club Sandwichrecipe is regarded as one of the most popular recipe of Pakistani cuisine. No dining table is complete without presenting delicious and aromatic BBQ Club Sandwich recipe. By following the BBQ Club Sandwich recipe as it is listed will get you perfect taste. Above is the BBQ Club Sandwich recipe by which you can make BBQ Club Sandwich easily anywhere around the world. All the ingredients & method are provided for your assistance. Enjoy the delicious of BBQ Club Sandwich recipes at


Beef – 300g

Bread slices – 8 toasted in grilled pan

Garlic – 1 tsp chopped

Cucumber – 1 sliced

Tomato ketchup – ½ cup

Mayonnaise – 1 cup

Salt – ½ tsp

Red chilli powder – 1 tsp

Chopped cabbage – ½ cup

Fried cumin seeds – 1 tsp

BBQ sauce – 1 tbsp

Vinegar – 1 tbsp

Oil – 2 tbsp

Lettuce – as required

Charcoal – 1


Marinate beef with garlic, salt, red chilli powder, cumin seeds, BBQ sauce and vinegar, leave for half an hour.

Then cook in oil and give smoke of charcoal. Mix chopped cabbage in mayonnaise.

Then apply mayonnaise mixture on 1 slice, then beef, then ketchup, on other slice, place cucumber slices and lettuce leaves.

Join both slices and cut in middle.

Yummy sandwiches ready to serve.

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