Chicken Corn Soup Recipe in Urdu

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Submited by ~Sani~ from Karachi

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Simply loved the chicken corn soup! Was the quickest soup I have made so far. Did add the rice vinegar and served it with soy sauce. Perfect recipe for winters.
By: Areeba, Form: Lahore, on 14 Dec, 2018
This soup is most healthy dish to every one if you have children in your home so you must make it to him because it full loaded to vitamins and minerals and calcium who is necessary for health
By: `furqan, Form: lahore, on 10 Feb, 2017
A thai soup that's healthy and delicious and it is also prepared easily. It can be served before lunch or dinner as a hot and yummy appetizer.
By: aslam, Form: los angeles, on 08 Feb, 2017
Serve this soup as meal. It is tasty and healthy. Make its noodle at home. Soups are excellent choice when it comes to summer meal.
By: arham, Form: sahiwaal, on 06 Feb, 2017
There is simply nothing quite delicious and comforting as a bowl of spicy and yummy is very classical soup and also so easy.
By: hajara, Form: gujranwala, on 31 Jan, 2017
This is a perfect soup for a family dinner.i made it every Sunday for my children and my husband they love this soup.
By: sadaf, Form: rawalpindi, on 16 Jan, 2017
Nice web and nice soup
By: sudais, Form: karachi, on 11 Nov, 2015
nice soup
By: maryum, Form: multan, on 11 Jan, 2015
nice soup
By: gohar butt, Form: jaranwala, on 06 Dec, 2014
i like it
By: komal salman , Form: lahore, on 31 Dec, 2012