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What will be the ideal gravy alongside this recipe?
By: Tahreem M Sheikh, Form: Lahore, on 17 Mar, 2019
How can I get rid of sugar
By: Iftikhar, Form: KARACHI, on 08 Dec, 2018
My husband love to eat tasty food. I found this page of Macroni In a Hurry where I see such a mouth watering recipe. I am checking the method step by step to make it accurately. Will share my feedback about it.
By: Reem, Form: Lahore, on 17 Feb, 2017
Everyone likes to taste delicious food. I am pretty excited to try this online recipe in Urdu of Diet Chicken Tikka Kebab. My friend recommended me this page and she is pretty confident that it will be the best in taste.
By: Juwairiyah, Form: Islamabad, on 17 Feb, 2017
I am very conscious about my children's health for that I always prefer some healthy and delicious recipe. Baked Vegetable Roll Up is surely something everyone loves truly due to its taste and has amazing nutrients value attached to it.
By: Amira, Form: Karachi, on 17 Feb, 2017
Send me plzzz video in my gmail plzzzz
By: fari, Form: mirpur azad kashmir, on 13 Nov, 2015
Thanks for sharing this important recipe of weight loss tea. I searched a lot about this tea but dint find the right recipe anywhere.
By: Somia, Form: Karachi, on 26 Aug, 2015
Weight Loss Diet Tea is the best thing to have!! I want to loose so many kgs and was finding it difficult to handle but now, this recipe is blessing in disguise. I hope this works! Will give my feedback after two months.
By: Kiran, Form: Karachi, on 17 Aug, 2015
For the last three months I am using this weight loosing tea but I am not success to loose my weight, my height is 5.7 inches and my weight is 73 kg. I think it may be 10 kg more than my height and age.
By: tahira, Form: khi, on 02 Aug, 2015
it is excellent
By: ABDUL REHMAN, Form: SAKRAND, on 01 Jul, 2015

Diet Foods

Diet Recipes - Reducing weight seems like a challenge to everyone. Diet food is also said to be healthy food which contains less oil and spices or it is eaten for weight loss. There are six different food groups and they are: Fruit, Grain, Lean Meat and Poultry, Milk and Dairy, and Vegetables. You should in small amounts and only sometimes eat fats, oils, and sweets. All of these different food groups contribute to your daily diet. Diet and nutrition have a way of affecting health in a variety of ways. It also has a way of affecting the life one leads. Here we have a variety of best diet food recipes in urdu for our users who want a healthy and weight loss diet.

Diet food is basically eaten to lose weight and it contains fewer ingredients but all of them are quality. Before staring a diet, you must look up for a diet plan for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. On this page, you will find the diet food recipes that could help you in losing weight plus you can enjoy their taste also.

Everyone wants to look good in today’s worlds and wants a nice shaped body. Diet food helps you to sustain a nice shaped and healthy body. You can look up for the diet food recipes for dinner, diet food recipes for lunch and breakfast. This page contains the diet soup, diet rice, diet breakfast, diet chicken, diet salad, diet fish and other Pakistani diet recipes.

You will find a variety of recipes that are healthy to eat such as:
• Beans salad
• Diet chicken tikka
• Diet herbal tea
• Baked vegetable roll
• Mixed vegetable pancake
• Masala noodles
• Low cholesterol dishes
• Diet lobia salad recipes
• Besan ka cheela
• Oven baked garlic chicken

This page covers the diet food list for those who have excessive weight. Diet food recipes & Low Calorie Recipes are gaining popularity in masses. brings you best diet recipes for weight loss in urdu on dinner and lunch that you are looking for. You can browse easy diet recipe in Urdu language. There are easy diet recipes for breakfast, dinner, & lunch available on this page.