Victory to Success is Half Won

(Anwar Parveen, )

Anjum Gul
It has been five years, a quirky and vigorous project of an assertive development plan started in Pakistan in 2014. What I am talking about is China Pakistan Economic Corridor most commonly known as CPEC. It is scheduled to be completed in 2030; it will take 15 years for completion. First five years are gone. First phase of this project is successfully accomplished. It ended up on completion of several infrastructure and energy projects. Everybody knows that no development project can be achieved without taking these two sectors into consideration. So is the case with economic growth. Today, Pakistan is on the way to accelerated economic growth, and I can say that for sure because after five years when first phase of this development project is consummated, the second phase is started in continuation. This is a splendid achievement of the government and Pakistan as a country and a nation. It was hard to believe to happen any such thing in Pakistan just few years before.

Second phase is drafted to work on Special Economic Zones (SEZs) within Pakistan. Pakistan Army played a pivotal role to ensure security for this mega development project as well. It is anticipated to open up new horizons for economic growth in Pakistan. It is also expected to come up with more pressing and evident changes in a positive sense. Every single person in the country is trying to relate oneself with the benefits and outcomes of CPEC. But there is a dire need to understand the nature of collective benefit for the state and for the nation. Unfortunately, nationalism has been lacking most of the times whenever it is needed. Nationalism has always been seeing only during war times or facing threats from foreign elements. But when it comes to peace time and development processes “nationalism” becomes irrelevant to the nation.People from every walk of life focus only on their respective vested interests. CPEC has come up with multiple opportunities and diversified goals. Therefore, the nation needs to be united till the end of this project to get most out of it.

Rashakai Economic Zone (KP), China Special Economic Zone Dhabeji (Sindh), Bostan Industrial Zone (Balochistan), Allama Iqbal Industrial City (Faisalabad, Punjab), ICT Model Industrial Zone, (Islamabad, Capital Territory), Development of Industrial Park on Pakistan Steel Mills Land at Port Qasim near Karachi, Special Economic Zone (Mirpur, AJK), Mohmand Marble City (FATA-KP), and Moqpondass SEZ (Gilgit-Baltistan). Aforementioned are nine Special Economic Zones (SEZs) planned to be established all over Pakistan. A number of industries will be built such as fruit processing, food, packaging, textile stitching, knitting, agriculture machinery, pharmaceutical, motor bikes assembly, chromite, cooking oil, ceramic industries, ice and cold storage, electric appliances, steel, auto and allied, chemical, marble/ granite, iron ore processing, steel industry, mineral processing unit, and leather industry.Overall, all the industrial projects are covered which could be possible in a transitional economy. Some of the projects are started and some of them need more planning and will be completed later on. It is very important to spread the word among masses. Magnitude of foreign investment is also rising since 2010. But it is constantly increasing with the start of CPEC in 2014.

Pakistan Armed Forces have always been remarkable in ensuring peace and security in the country. Once more they have an assertive stance on it.Concrete measures are taken in this regard. Special Security Forces are established for the provision of secure environment. Civil-military connectivity is quite evident in nation-building this time, which is an empirical evidence that shows inevitable transformation of Pakistan.


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