(sarwar, lahore)

“Are you with us in the war against terrorism?” Were the opening words of the mid night TELEPHONE CALL. “If not, you will be pushed to the Stone Age,” was the second threatening sentence spoken to the President of Pakistan, without any hesitation and courtesy!! Without due deliberation the President of Pakistan, surrendered at mid night and accepted all the terms demanded by US for the Logistic Support needed by the NATO and the ISAF for their military actions in Afghanistan intended to be directed by 34 countries (NATO countries provided the core of the force), with dual aim: to dismantle al-Qaeda and to deny it a safe base of operations in Afghanistan by removing Talban from power.

The pseudo intelligentsia of Pakistan and obedient servants in service were happy that the President had parried the difficult situation we were likely to face in case of non compliance of the wishes of USA. They were full of praise for the far-sightedness displayed by General Musharraf. Some termed him “Saviour of Pakistan.” He was praised at all forums. He got inflated and thought himself to be capable of solving all the problems faced by Pakistan. He, on behest of his Western supporters, took certain other decisions which were not only against Islam, Nazria – i - Pakistan, ethics and strategic interest of the country but also against own interest in the long run. Hence, with every step of his, the country was doomed. There were a few Pakistanis who did not appreciate Musharraf’s policies, but they were either crushed or ignored.

What happened to Pakistan afterwards is a long story. As a nation we suffered in all fields. We paid a very heavy price in terms of loss of life, property and honor (A very precious quality not to be had from any market). The passengers with Green Passport were subjected to humiliation through thorough search at foreign airports. We lost respect in the eyes of other nations. The Pakistani Embassy at New York issued countless visas to the Americans without getting clearance from concerned intelligence agencies of Pakistan. We became more faithful to USA. The President boasted of his friendship with Gen. Zaini of USA. Cold blooded murders were committed by Raymond David in the open day light on a very busy road of Lahore. Many of American agents roamed unchecked in the country. Many Pakistanis (Including Dr. Aafia Siddiqui) were arrested and handed over to US. The Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa, in the capital city, were raided resulting into loss of precious lives and sacrilege of the Mosque / Madrasa /Holy Books. However, Musharraf took this decision only because he was sure to wrest any upheaval rising in the country. The religious hierarchy felt helpless and feared very stern action against Madaras, hence kept dormant. The sad incident, later on, as admitted by Musharraf, was a mistake on his part. Alas! Since then it has become a fashion to talk ill of madarass /Talban.

To ensure the area is cleared of the terrorists, about 50,00,000 residents of Sawat were forced to leave their homes and after a few years the Waziris were put to same agony. Not realizing the fact that Bharat and Afghanistan are always at the look out to exploit the situation, rather we think we are strengthening the bonds of solidarity and cohesion among various segments of the provinces, whereas the hidden antipathy is on the increase. Unless effective necessary measures to redress the grievances are taken, the hatred is likely to be transferred to the next generations. We cannot afford to sleep. We must be wiser enough after debacle of East Pakistan.

The country is continuously paying for the service i.e. Logistic Support rendered to US in 2001, in the form of Drone Attacks, Suicide Explosions and Target Killings, fear of loss of life and honour has overshadowed the society. The corrupt and shortsighted politicians, the inefficient government functionaries and lack of sense of responsibility at all levels, have further deteriorated the present awful situation. Nobody is serious to bring about positive change. Leaving aside the manmade problems, the Nature also wants (though very politely) teach us lesson for our deviations, especially (since we cooperated against Talban) from the very objective of Creation of Pakistan. It is still time to show our firm commitment with the Ideology of Pakistan and observe a Day at national level, to revive our promise collectively with Allah, that we will run the affairs of the country as per Dictates of Islam.

At the international forum the Anti Islam States are bent upon shedding blood/ destruction of all the Muslim countries one by one. An appraisal of events in Islamic world: Iran- Iraq War; aggression of Iraq on Kuwait; US invasion on Iraq; Military invasion of and removal of Talban Government in Afghanistan by US led NATO forces; establishment of Iran backed government in Iraq; foiling of the efforts of Islamist elements coming in to power through political process in Niger; toppling of Qaddafi’s government in Libya; toppling of Mursi’s elected government and military take- over in Egypt; turmoil in Syria; Saudi Arab’s coalition Forces air attacks on Yeman; - all aimed at weakening the Islamic world, sowing the seeds of contention on permanent basis and wastage of resources on unproductive efforts. The enemies of Islam have a long list.

Alas! The short sighted heads of Islamic countries, spared so far, have not realized the danger, hence busy in doing everything - merry making and fighting with each other. They have never been successful in solving any of the major problems faced by any Muslim country. It is time that the Muslim heads of States realize the danger and its imminence as well. It is not difficult for the West to find justification for any action against a Muslim country. The West, through deceitful policies and loud propaganda mounted on the shoulders of print and electronic media, build world opinion, be-fool the Muslims and follow the policies which suit her the most against the Muslim countries.

Quite recently another serious trap is being woven against Pakistan. Diash (ISIS) is more dangerous to the world peace than Al-Qeuda hence a need for immediate military action. All out efforts are underway to prove, through the pseudo thinkers and paid media agents, that Diash (ISIS) has her sanctuaries in Pakistan hence a need to hunt them out through Multi National Force. Once again Pakistan may be asked ““Are you with us in the war against terrorism? If not, you will be pushed to the Stone Age.” It is feared that the rulers, following Musharraf’s footprints may not surrender at mid-night call and then once again the loyal companions/media persons start praising him “the Saviour of the Nation” If it happens so it will be a really Black Day in our history. The Patriot Media must keep an eye on such elements and foil their evil designs. It will be a great favour to the nation.

What should/can be done; is a question to every Muslim? Let every Muslim foster his belief in Allah
Almighty, realize his worth and then do whatever is possible, within his capabilities. It is time not to sit idle. Those bestowed with wisdom and are worried about the pathetic situation the Ummah is passing through, must form Think Tanks and deliberate to find some Way Out. We are answerable to Allah for all our deeds, and also owe a lot to our future generations, otherwise be ready for disgraceful and complete annihilation!! A dreadful end!!

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Ahsan Ali! Thanks for your comments. I agree with you. You are rightly concerned with the serious problems of the Ummah. You also suggested workable solutions. I am sure this will stimulate many Muslims. Ideas, sooner or later, do take practical shape. But we have to be quick, it is already too late.
By: sarwar, lahore on Mar, 13 2018
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i RECALL the extraordinary summit of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Dec, 2013 for the situation in Syria. As an active Political Party worker of one of the ruling party in one province in Pakistan. I recommended an OIC development of Mutual Cooperative center in all MUSLIM Majority Countries.
Besides no discrimination of language, ethnic origin, economic infrastructure. We (our District Executive Committee members) emphasized of formulating Defense collaboration, economic and tax reforms in shape of declaration of Free Trade zones in major MUSLIM COUNTRIES.
PEACE keeping force or counter terrorism Squad in Yemen, Syria, Lybia and Egypt Sudan, Not forgetting the importance of such Troops in Palestine and Kashmir.
We must not look at United Nations, as UN has failed to deliver its purpose of incorporation that is not repeating history such as WORLD WAR I or WORLD WAR II.
American Presidential team after John F. Kennedy's assassination has been always anti-islamic generally and more specifically wars in Vietnam, Cuba, Mexican-American conflict facts are all crystal clear. US needs to understand that it makes its enemies, declare war against them and then kill innocent, unarmed civilians mostly women and children.
Dear ALL the future of our ISLAM is in our hands. ISLAM cannot be wiped out by any of anti islamic fake caliphate or fake jihaddist groups. We must be aware that killing in ALLAH's name and accusing someone just for the sake that he does not believe what you have been taught to be - and this just not rests with fake Muslim (jihadist) Group but also cover Free Masons, Missionaries, Black Water, Shiv Sena or other extremist or terrorist group.
Buddhist are more extremist while being in a sitting government (glance on India's current leadership and Myanmar).
I pray to ALLAH and request all of our current politicians to hold emergency in Central Middle Eastern countries conflict. CNN has a qoute 'GO THERE'. Please do not just have minister level delegations or discussions but unite under one cause Harimain Shareefain, Free Palestine, Give Kashmir and Palestinians their right of self-determination. STOP SYRIAN AND YEMEN CIVIL WAR THAT HAS BECOME A WAR WHICH IS FAR FROM OVER NOW.
Our enemies (ISRAEL and India) are trading in ammunitions, arms and drones. and US intelligencia agencies are playing a dual game by dealing in ams and fighting with terrorist groups.
This is an economic war. The rich and established Muslim countries NEED to take an emergent action. Active their foreign ambassadors.
By: ahsan ali, Lahore on Mar, 14 2017
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