Unique Countries To Visit That You Didn’t Know Existed

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Some countries such as France, Italy, USA and Thailand are well-known all over the world, attracting millions of visitors every year. However, impressive sites, unique architectural jewels, breathtaking natural beauties and stunning beaches do not necessarily have to be located in famous countries that everybody is familiar with. In fact, there are many countries that are unknown to most people and still have so much to offer to their potential visitors. Found on isolated tropical islands, hidden in giant mountains, or just surrounded by bigger and more popular neighbors, these countries hardly ever make it to travel brochures and tourists’ bucket lists. Take Lichtenstein for example. Did you know this country exists at all? Maybe not, but we are pretty confident you would be totally stunned by its monumental mountains, ancient castles, and clean environment. There are many more countries like this. From Brunei and Sierra Leone to Moldova and Burkina Faso, check out these some Unique Countries To Visit That You Didn’t Know Existed.


Located in Micronesia in the Central Pacific, Nauru is the third smallest country by area in the world, behind only the Vatican City and Monaco. This tiny and underrated country boasts an amazing marine life, large colorful reefs, and pristine beaches, which make it a great spot for a summer vacation, scuba diving, snorkeling, and other water sports.


The main reason why tourists do not know much about Liechtenstein is its location. The little alpine country is surrounded by Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, all of which are very popular tourist destinations. Yet, Liechtenstein also has so much to offer – from stunning mountains and historic castles to one of the cleanest environments in the world.



Kyrgyzstan’s recorded history spans over 2,000 years, encompassing a variety of cultures and empires, but it was not until the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 when this amazing country gained its sovereignty. Kyrgyzstan has an incredibly beautiful and diverse landscape that offers excellent conditions for hiking, trekking, horse riding, camping, skiing etc.



With an area of just 316 sq km (122 sq mi), Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world, but this Mediterranean archipelago has a stunningly rich history as it has always been a strategically important spot. Malta boasts a warm climate, perfect beaches, unique architectural monuments, and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


While most people know there is an island called Borneo somewhere in South East Asia, few know that island is home to the country of Brunei. A former British colony, Brunei is now a modern and developed country with one of the highest GDP’s and purchasing power parities in the world. Brunei also has a charming landscape as well as impressive architecture.


While some of its neighbors such as Fiji or New Guinea are familiar to most travelers, Vanuatu is a little-known yet stunningly beautiful country located in the South Pacific Ocean. Home to just about 250,000 people, the country boasts superb beaches, crystal clear warm waters, plentiful natural beauties, delicious exotic cuisine, and interesting cultural traditions.


Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Georgia has an amazingly diverse landscape that attracts adventurers of all kinds. It has monumental mountains (Mount Shkhara is the country’s highest peak at 5,068 m or 16,627 ft), top-notch ski resorts, huge glaciers, complex cave systems, beautiful lakes, and much more.


While South Africa is a well-known and massively-visited country, few people know that there is actually another country located within it. With a population of just 2 million, Lesotho is completely surrounded (and overshadowed) by South Africa. However, this little African country also boasts an astonishing landscape full of wildlife.

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