King Of Hot Times: Health Benefits Of Sattu

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Sattu is an age old remedy to beat the heat in India. Made after powdering roasted chick peas, gram flour (sattu) is immensely popular in the Indian states of Bihar, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, UP and West Bengal. The health benefits are such that it is popularly called ``desi horlicks’’. Once a rural delicacy, sattu has gradually caught the fancy of urban India. With rising popularity, sattu has now evolved to include nutritious flours like barley, wheat etc. It is consumed in various forms starting from a simple drink to paranthas, laddoos, litti chokhas,etc. Traditionally, sattu is served during summers as a nutritious drink that has cooling effects on the body.

Nutritious Sattu

The best thing about sattu is that its prepping process of dry roasting keeps the nutritional values intact, and has a longer shelf life. It is high on fibre and low on sodium. It contains good proportions of calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium.

Nutritional Value Of Sattu (per 100 gm)

Protein - 20.6%
Fat - 7.2%
Crude fibre - 1.35%
Carbohydrates - 65.2%
Total Ash - 2.7%
Moisture - 2.95%
Calories - 406 kilo joules.
Health Benefits of Sattu

Coolant for Body: To battle heat stroke and dehydration this summer, go for sattu. A glass of chilled Sattu drink acts as an indigenous coolant. It keeps the stomach cool, and prevents indigestion too. It also keeps the body free from internal heat that causes many disorders. So, this summer instead of buying a soft drink or any juice tetra pack, go for a sattu drink. It is healthy and easy on the pockets as well.

Panacea for Women: During pregnancy and menstruation women tend to become weak, as their body gets devoid of nutrients. Sattu contains vitamins and proteins that can replenish the lost nutrients in the body. Expecting mothers, and especially working women, should include this superfood in their diet to reap exceptional benefits.


Glowing Skin: Likewise, during summers because of negligence and improper nourishment, our skin becomes dry, unhealthy and unattractive. Have a glass of sattu drink on a regular basis as it helps in hydrating the skin, and prevents the wear and tear of the skin cells. It’s not too late yet.

Lustrous Hair: Nutrient deficiency or a prolonged illness can adversely affect your hair. If untreated, it may lead to hair problems such as thinning, alopecia, hair loss, premature greying, dandruff, etc. Like our body, our hair follicles too need nutrients to maintain their health and the growth. Sattu contains most of the necessary nutrients like proteins, fibre as well as vitamins and antioxidants, an essential for sound hair health. So what are you waiting for, have sattu drink twice a day for lustrous hair!


Elixir for Old Age: Undoubtedly, sattu can be considered as an elixir for our aged population. It can deal with many complications that come with old age. Sattu is ideal for poor digestive system, fighting flatulence, reducing extra fat, treating constipation and combating acidity.

Boon for Diabetics and High BP Patients: Sattu is a natural energizer and helps in regulating blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure are advised to take sattu with water and a pinch of salt. Sattu has a low glycemic index, therefore it is a life saver for diabetic patients. Drinking chilled sattu drink regularly helps in controlling the blood sugar levels.

Stamina Booster: During summers, there are times when because of extreme heat we feel exhausted, low on stamina and weak. This makes us lethargic, and we can’t even perform easy chores. Regular consumption of sattu drink acts as an energy booster. Steadily, you will feel that your body is getting stronger with every passing day. These are the wonders of Sattu!

Sattu Sharbat Recipe

All You Need:

2 tablespoons of sattu powder
3 tablespoons of sugar
Salt to taste
1 lemon
2 glasses of water
Let’s Start:

Take a tablespoon of sattu and one-and-a-half tablespoon of sugar in a glass. Make a smooth paste first, adding a little water, to avoid lumps. Now, fill the glass with chilled water, add salt and the juice of half a lemon. Your Sattu Sharbat is ready. This recipe serves 2.

Make sure this summer you beat the heat with Sattu!

Disclaimer: All information is provided here only for general health education. Please consult your health physician regarding any treatment of health issues.
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