Some facts we bet you don't know

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Some Interesting And strange Facts about World - In this article some interesting information is provided to increase your knowledge. Which are wonderful and very interesting. It Is difficult to believe on them but these things are truly real.

Oxford University, established in 1096, is older than the Aztec Empire (1428-1521).

Charlie Chaplin once participated in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest at a San Francisco theater. He didn't win.

The only fish that can blink with both eyes are sharks.
The Haskell Opera House was deliberately built on the U.S.-Canada border. The opera stage resides in Canada but most of the opera seats are in the U.S.
A polar bear’s fur is transparent and holds no color.
A goldfish has memory span of 3 seconds.
A rat can give birth to nearly 2,000 descendants a year.
French fries originated in Belgium.
Some species of snails may have more than 20,000 teeth.
There is a village in Norway known as Hell.
The first Oscar ceremony, which was held in 1929, lasted 15 minutes and had just 270 viewers.
An example of nature’s mysterious-but-delightful surprises is Lake Hilier in Australia. The lake is bubble-gum pink in color! Scientists believe that it is due to some bacteria or algae. Though it is not the only pink lake in the world, it is the only one whose water remains a distinct pink even when taken out of the lake.
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