Everyday Things You Never Knew Even Had A Purpose

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Have you ever noticed little features on any of the products you own that don't really seem to have a purpose? We often assume they could be product flaws or just part of the object's look, but funnily enough, they're actually designed to make our lives a little easier. The only problem is that we're missing out on these cool hacks because we just don't know they exist. That's why we're here to show you a few ways you can get the most use out of those misused designs.

Think the hole in the lid keeps the ballpoint from drying out?

A lot of people think the hole in the cap of a ballpoint pen is there to keep the pen from drying out, or that it's there to keep a pressure balance that prevents the pen from leaking. The real reason it's there is much more straightforward: It's there to lower the risk of suffocation. If a small child was chewing on the cap and choked on it, the hole keeps their airway from closing up entirely.

Ever notice the little holes in the windows of airplanes?

That little hole is there for two reasons: The first reason is to compensate for air pressure. When the plane climbs to cruising altitude, there's a huge pressure difference between the inside and outside of the plane. The hole is there to regulate some of that difference so that the outer window doesn't have to do all the work. The other reason is that it prevents the windows from fogging up.


You know that extra piece of fabric that comes with new clothes?

You probably always thought it was there for patches, right? Wrong! The manufacturer includes that little sample of material so you can test how different laundry detergents will react to your new garment.


And this little pocket on your jeans?

The purpose of that little pocket is obvious to any Wild West cowboys or 19th-century gold miners reading this. It's where you kept your pocket watch when jeans were first invented.

What are those little holes in Converse All Stars there for?

The main reason they're there is the most obvious one: ventilation. But some people think that because Converse All Stars were originally made as basketball shoes, laces could be looped through the extra holes for a snugger fit.

That hole in the handle of your pot is useful for more than one reason.

Sure, the main reason that hole is there is for hanging up your pot, but next time you need to set down a messy cooking spoon you'll know exactly where to look.

And why do some caps have a little spike in them?

Unscrew the lid, flip it around, and push it in. The little spike will punch right through the protective foil on a new container.

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