Obsession Central: Dilemma of Pakistan

(Maemuna Sadaf, Rawalpindi)

2nd October, 2017 can be termed as black day in the history of Pakistan’s constitution. It was a day when for one person the whole constitution of the country was changed. To restore chairmanship of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, a bill regarding electoral reforms is passed in Senate and National Assembly both.

In Pakistan, a large portion of the general public is living in a perspective called "Obsession Central". This implies they are following individuals, not philosophy. The greater political parties are running on names of people as opposed to philosophy. Political parties are made by specific families and run by their races. People follow children of their beloved leader irrespective of their character. There is no democratic system within the political parties. . This perspective can without much of a stretch be seen in the aftereffects of NA 120 by decision and political circumstances of the nation from two or three months.

The largest example of this mindset is approval of Electoral reform bill. The said bill allows anyone to be party chairman. The former prime minister was disqualified from party chairmanship by Supreme Court. His crime of money laundering and keeping off shore companies was proved. The said verdict was declared after three months of trial. From the day one after the verdict of Panama case, former Prime Minister is continuously blaming supreme judiciary.

The supreme judiciary was also been challenged after amendment in constitution. By passing this bill corruption has been strengthen and a path has been provided to others. The rule of one family over the country is assured. Majority has proved that they are following a person not ideology. In different provinces of the country different families are ruling families. Families ruling in Punjab and Sindh usually make federal government. From the last three decades only two major families remained ruling families whenever democracy flourished. History of Pakistan politics revolves around Bhutto and Sharif family. One by one they ruled Pakistan, even after death of Benazir Bhutto; the most corrupt person was selected as President of Pakistan. The reason behind this selection was sympathy of public. The same scenario is repeated now; party workers of PML (N) are even not willing to select brother of Nawaz Sharif as party Chairman.

In assuring chairmanship of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the anti-Pakistani statements are given by PML (N) workers and leaders, calling Pakistan a “Banana State”. Even interior minister and Foreign Minister of the country are showing their hatred against Pakistan Army. These statements hurt national interest in the long run. A conflict between institutions has occurred because of these immature statements.

From this entire scenario, enemies of the country get benefits. Internally state weakens andgives chance to other forces that want economy of this country wrecked.

The question arises here, why people vote to the politics that looted our country and filled their own accounts? Answer to this question is the dilemma of mind set. People just select the leader just because of his personality or because of his forefathers. People are still conceptually retrograde.

It is need of the hour, people should stop following personalities. To protect the country and our races from corruption and economic disaster we have to change mind set of masses.

There is an old saying “if sparrows are united they can kill a snake”. So if people of Pakistan sojourn selecting corrupt leaders and select better ones, then there is a possibility of good governance become readily available.

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