The smallest hotel rooms in the world

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Take a look at the smallest and most comfortable hotel rooms that won't break the bank! Like Book and Bed (Japan) - This is without a doubt a very original idea for a hotel. Have you ever imagined sleeping in a library?

Book and Bed (Japan)

This is without a doubt a very original idea for a hotel. Have you ever imagined sleeping in a library? More than just a place to rest your head, this place is one for book worms who like having a quiet corner to sit and read in. It's a super unique idea, and a good option for those who love literature. Would you like to sleep here? Then you'll have to go to Tokyo.

Bloc Hotel (England)

This little hotel is by an airport in London and offers comfort in a practical location for those looking for somewhere quick to sleep. It also offers some beautiful views over the city. There is also a bathroom inside every room, something you wouldn't find in the majority of the 'capsule hotels' in Japan.


Anshin Oyado (Japan)

Situated in the Japanese capital (Tokyo), this hotel offers capsules with air conditioning, a tablet, a television and of course a bed. The rooms are incredibly compact and close together. Guests have access to a sauna, food machines and also some shops.


CityHub (Holland)

At first glance, this looks just like any other capsule hotel. It's pretty small, and has very bare interiors. However, it is actually super modern and futuristic, allowing guests to make food orders and other requests through a touchscreen. There is just one bed in each capsule, and a shared bathroom outside.

9Hours (Japan)

This hotel is located by the hotel of Narita, in the Japanese city of Chiba. It is another incredibly compact space with many rooms very close to each other, making it seem a little like a hive. The hotel contains some very advanced technology. Besides offering a bed, each capsule is slowly filled with simulated natural light every morning so that guests can wake up slowly. The bathrooms are shared, and though they might be small, they have everything to offer that a guest might need.

Yotelair (England)

This hotel is for those people who are 'trapped' in the airport with no place to stay. It is located inside Heathrow airport in London. It has comfortable beds and bunks in a small but well utilized space. Each room has its own bathroom.

Jane Hotel (USA)

This hotel in New York has some old fashioned decor and an amazing view of the river Hudson.

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