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Analogue Entsprechung , Analogon ,entsprechender Ausdruck 

Definition & Synonyms

• Analogue

  1. (n.) A species in one genus or group having its characters parallel, one by one, with those of another group.
  2. (n.) That which is analogous to, or corresponds with, some other thing.
  3. (n.) A species or genus in one country closely related to a species of the same genus, or a genus of the same group, in another: such species are often called representative species, and such genera, representative genera.
  4. (n.) An organ which is equivalent in its functions to a different organ in another species or group, or even in the same group; as, the gill of a fish is the analogue of a lung in a quadruped, although the two are not of like structural relations.
  5. (n.) A word in one language corresponding with one in another; an analogous term; as, the Latin "pater" is the analogue of the English "father."

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