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Fasten Meaning in German

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Fasten festmachen , anbringen ,befestigen 

Definition & Synonyms

• Fasten

  1. (a.) To fix firmly; to make fast; to secure, as by a knot, lock, bolt, etc.; as, to fasten a chain to the feet; to fasten a door or window.
  2. (a.) To cause to hold together or to something else; to attach or unite firmly; to cause to cleave to something , or to cleave together, by any means; as, to fasten boards together with nails or cords; to fasten anything in our thoughts.
  3. (a.) To cause to take close effect; to make to tell; to lay on; as, to fasten a blow.
  4. (v. i.) To fix ones self; to take firm hold; to clinch; to cling.

Fix, Secure, Tighten,