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Dictionaries is a most important thing when you start learning something and read about something and this dictionary give me the good opportunity to learn anything in German

Azhar , Karachi Wed 05 Oct, 2016


Rana , Lahore Wed 28 Sep, 2016

i want to say thank you to this website or my friends because they suggest me to visit this website. Now because of them my German language skills improve a lot.

zaroon , islamabad Sat 24 Sep, 2016

This page is very helpful to know the Urdu language but I am also a Pakistani girl so I don’t have to know the Urdu language because I know very well Urdu

rameez , lahore Thu 22 Sep, 2016

I think this is the best online source to learn German or even for translating few words.

ghania , Peshawar Wed 21 Sep, 2016

German to Urdu Dictionary has been recommended to me by my friend. I think this is the best online source to learn German or even for translating few words.

Parvez , Karachi Wed 31 Aug, 2016

My business partner living in Berlin can use this online service to convert German manuscript in Urdu? Please help and guide me about it.

Yasir Khan , Rawalpindi Thu 25 Aug, 2016

Ich muss deutsch lernen
Deutsch urdu

Zulnoorain Haider , Pfaffenhofen Thu 07 Jul, 2016

german lernen

Zulnoorain Haider , Pfaffenhofen Thu 07 Jul, 2016

Mai ney Germany sikhni Hai.

akbar , germany Mon 27 Jun, 2016

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