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Hindu names – Naming a baby is surely challenging in every culture. It takes a proper thought process to decide a suitable name for the newborn. Unlike other cultures, Hinduism practices a certain system of naming a baby. Hindu names are selected by the traditional Hindu parents keeping in mind the advices of elders and Pundits. The search for new and unique Hindu baby names begins as soon as the birth is confirmed. Parents want to ensure that the names are trendy and possess impressive meanings. Many a times, the parents fall short of latest Hindu names options and that is where, HamariWeb jumps in. Presenting a huge database of Hindu baby names that can ease the tension of Hindu parents. From old to new, traditional to fashionable trending Hindu names, this page has everything one can ask for!

This page is dedicated to Hindu Names catering the list of unique and latest Hindu Boy Names and Hindu Girl Names separately. Celebrate your child’s birth with pride and pick suitable Hindu Name for your infant. This page can serve as the paradise for Hindu parents residing in Pakistan and India, and Middle East.

You can browse through selecting the region and gender on the top searching bar. Hindu Names of the day section of this page probably helps you to choose the right name for your baby. We bring you a fine and unique list of Hindu names for boys and girls based on Rashi information. The Hindi Names and Meanings are also given along with other relevant details. In traditional families, mostly Hindu Pundits give the suitable alphabet to parents after considering his/ her Janam Kundali then parents select the best name that starts with the given alphabet. Hindu Names Meaning is also provided by the Pundits along with the suggested name. Modern Hindu parents are now considering the new methods of selecting their new born child name. Apart from the traditional methods, they also check various websites to look for suitable and catchy Hindu names for baby along with their meanings and origin. Hindu parents living abroad or in India can even search Indian Baby Names with ease from this page. You can get all the popular Indian names suggestions from this page. Suggest this page to your friends or family on social media as a suggestion. The online users can facilitate from this amazing service.

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I like the name shreeiti.. this name is different n new.. unique own name is shreeiti... i love my name...

Shreeiti , Uttrakhand Thu 22 Jun, 2017

Meaning of Sanskrit girl names ☺ Mridvi /Mridwi- delicate, gentle, moderate, slow (gait)It is feminine of मृदु. It is joining of मृदु + ई ♥ Mriduka मृदुका -soft, delicate woman, Name of an Apsara ◀ Mridva / Mridwa मृद्वा- delicate, gentle, soft ♥ Mriduna मृदुना- gentle, soft, mild ◀ Mriduni मृदुनी- gentle, soft, moderate ☆ Mridula मृदुला- soft, delicate, moderate. Here मृदु means softness + ला means having/taking ● Mriduta मृदुता -softness, tenderness, mildness, weakness ◀ Mauli मौलि -the head, the top of anything, chief, foremost, best, Jonesia Asoka, a diadem, crown, crest, a tuft or lock of hair left on the crown of the head after tonsure, a top-knot (= चूडा) ,hair ornamented & braided round the head (=धम्मिल्ल ) the earth * Maulie मौली -the earth ♥ Maulini मौलिनी -having anything uppermost or turned upwards, being at the head, chief, having a diadem or crown, diademed, crested. It is feminine of मौलिन् * Maulimala मौलिमाला -a crown/wreath worn on the head. Here मौलि means head + माला means wreath @ Maulimalika मौलिमालिका -a crown worn on the head. Here मौलि means head + मालिका means wreath ▶ Maula मौला -derived from roots (as poison), handed down from antiquity , ancient (as a custom), holding office from previous generations, hereditary (as a minister or warrior) aboriginal, indigenous, native. It is feminine form of word मौल @ Maulimani मौलिमणि -a crest gem, jewel worn in a diadem

Vishal Khatri , delhi Wed 14 Jun, 2017

MEANING of Indian girl name Raavi /Raawi रावी - sounding, roaring ,praise. It is derived from Sanskrit word Raav / राव It shouldn't be confused with Sanskrit boy name Ravi / रवि which means Sun

Vishal Khatri , Sonipat Mon 12 Jun, 2017

mujhe mera naam bht a6a lgta hai bht logo ne kaha k sahi nai ha change kro but i love my name so i have't change my name

soha , multan Fri 09 Jun, 2017



Liya name is hindu name?

chandru , chennai Tue 06 Jun, 2017

SUN GOD, Part Of SUN, One who spreads light to the whole world , Bright

RAYANSH , Singapore Fri 02 Jun, 2017

Dinesh lucky number is "8"

Dinesh , Kerala Tue 30 May, 2017

Meaning of Sanskrit boy names Irit /Eerit ईरित- Sent, dispatched, Said, uttered, Gone, Made. ■ Iritakut/ Iritakoot ईरिताकूत -Declared purpose or intention. Here ईरित means declared+ आकूत means purpose

vishal khatri , delhi Sun 28 May, 2017

Love this name too... named my son born 2017 Jaymen....

Paul , Norfolk Sat 27 May, 2017