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Meaning: To Appear
ظاہر کرنا، الہام، کھلنا
Meaning: Star. Celestial Body.
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Name Gender Religion Origin
Kaashif Muslim Arabic View Detail
Nuh Muslim Arabic View Detail
Emad Muslim Arabic View Detail
Dahab Muslim Arabic View Detail
Abreeq Muslim Urdu View Detail
Mudabbar Muslim Arabic View Detail
Razan Muslim Urdu View Detail
Israa Muslim Urdu View Detail
Farangis Muslim Persian View Detail
Fahmeed Muslim Arabic View Detail
Siba' Muslim Arabic View Detail
Lamisa Muslim Urdu View Detail
Sanober Muslim Arabic View Detail
Abdul-wahab Muslim Arabic View Detail
Jafeer Muslim Arabic View Detail
Taibah Muslim Urdu View Detail
Arufah Muslim Arabic View Detail
Inayatullah Muslim Urdu View Detail
Hosaam Muslim Urdu View Detail
Fehmeeda Muslim Persian View Detail
Raqiqa Muslim Urdu View Detail
Abdal-aziz Muslim Arabic View Detail
Zafer Muslim Arabic View Detail
Jamael Muslim Arabic View Detail
Aftan Muslim Arabic View Detail
Zal Muslim Persian View Detail
Lekisha Muslim Arabic View Detail
Jaleb Muslim Urdu View Detail
Zarrin Muslim Persian View Detail
Taj Muslim Arabic View Detail


Islamic Names – Name gives you an identity in this world. Name defines who you are and where you belong to. The trend of naming a new born baby merely depends upon the religious teachings, and cultural identity of parents. In the Muslim culture, babies are named in accordance to the Holy Quran teachings. Muslim names are unique, meaningful, and influential that gives you recognition in the world. Hamari Web brings you the opportunity to check out the latest and updated list of Muslim Boy names and Muslim Girl names. The catchy and interesting Girls Islamic names and Boys Islamic names are included in the list along with their meanings and origin details.

You can browse the Muslim names by alphabets. Each name has a specific page that contains the information of gender, origin of the name, meanings in both English and Urdu languages. Muslim Boy Names Starting with A that includes Asif, Arif, Aabid, Arfeen, and Aamir are popular ones and are popularly searched online. Similarly, Muslim Boy Names Starting with S that includes Saajid, Sahir, Saalik, Sabih, Saaghir to name a few. These Muslim Boy Names are widely searched and preferred by the parents all over the world.

You can locate the list of popular Islamic names for boys, and Islamic names for girls on HamariWeb online with ease. Popular Muslim boy names for instance Muhammad, Hadeed, Mustafa, Ibrahim, Ahmed, Ali, Ismail, are still preferred by the Muslim parents for their sons. The Islamic names for girls like Ayesha, Noor, Dua, Fatima, Marium, Khadija, are highly preferred by the Muslim parents for their daughters. We possess the names data from Arabic and Persian background in this category. The names of renowned Muslim scholars, saints, and dignitaries are still loved by all. You are encouraged to share the pictures of your new born babies with us that can be posted on this page. Customize your baby’s page on HamariWeb by sharing their images, names, and other interesting detail. The Islamic name pages can be shared on social media platform with your family and friends. Your active participation on this page is highly appreciated.

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Mera name Mohammed aizur rahman hai keya ye nam rakhna durust hai shariatan plz reply

aizur rahman , delhi Thu 03 Sep, 2015

Thanx for giving the meaning of ny name

rumaisa , Manchester Thu 03 Sep, 2015

I m soo very lucky boy but name soo good name : Hassan Anwar ,

Hassan Anwar , Karachi Thu 03 Sep, 2015

i like this name

Namra , faisalabad Thu 03 Sep, 2015

Its true that the name effects on human life, so m realy enjoying a contented life, jst by the blessing Of Allah

Aisha , Jhang Thu 03 Sep, 2015