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Baby Muslim Names - Find the unique & popular baby Islamic Names with Urdu & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Muslim Names for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

Meaning: Handsome (Swahil..
خوبصورت، امام حسین،نیک،اچھا
Meaning: Sight. Glance.
مہک، خوشبو،مہکار، تَعَطُّر
MOHAMED .. Tamilna, 2016/11/15
ABAN karachi, 23August,2016
KAUSOR 2.. hyderba, 2016/08/13

Islamic Names – Name is something that you receive when are brought to this world. Birth of a baby in Muslim family is considered to be a blessing and therefore, parents look for suitable Muslim Names from whatever source they have. Islamic Names are assigned by Muslim parents to their little ones. The rich Islamic culture and strong religious bonding enables Muslim parents to select a decent and impactful Islamic name for the Muslim new born baby. Most of the time parents find difficulty in accessing latest suitable and meaningful Islamic Names and therefore they end up picking the common ones. Hamari Web brings you the opportunity to check out the latest and updated list of Islamic names meaning for Muslim boys and girls. The Islamic Names meaning in book are also added on this page for your assistance. The catchy and interesting Islamic name with meaning are included in the list along with their meanings and origin details.

Islamic names are place in alphabetical order starting from A to Z. It assists parents to browse through names of their favorite alphabets. Each name has a specific page that contains the information of gender, origin of the name, meanings in both English and Urdu languages. Muslim Male Names and Muslim Female Names are searched and browsed online. Parents living in India and Pakistan look for Muslim Names in Urdu. You can search various Pakistani names for girls and boys that are popular and trending. Moreover, Muslim Names Quran is also preferred by the parents who like to choose a suitable name from Holy Quran. Such names are considered to be noble and prestigious by Muslims. Some of the Muslim families give their forefather’s names to the newly born child. They consider such names as a symbol of pride and prestige for the family. You can access some valuable suggestions here. You can locate the list from Arabic, Persian, and Urdu origin of popular Islamic names for boys, and Islamic names for girls on HamariWeb online with ease. Muslim Names in Urdu is usually searched by Pakistani parents. You are encouraged to share the pictures of your new born babies with us that can be posted on this page. Customize your baby’s page on HamariWeb by sharing their images, names, and other interesting detail.

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My Name Asad Afzal 💖💕

Asad Afzal , Sukkur Wed 24 Aug, 2016

lovely name.

sohailislam , Daska Sialkot Wed 24 Aug, 2016

Ghulam Dastgeer Is bast name I like this name

Ghulam Dastgeer , Lahore Pakistan Wed 24 Aug, 2016

Awais here Talkative + Romantic + sensitive + Caring its my name (Avais )its very lucky name and so beautiful Avais Ahmed , sheikhupura pak.... (you are right)

Awais Ahmed , Lahore Wed 24 Aug, 2016

Nice my name

Watson Faiz , Allahabad Wed 24 Aug, 2016

Asalam O alaikum My name is Abdul Hannan Ahmad and i love getting complimented on my name

Abdul , waterloo Wed 24 Aug, 2016


Saqib , Taxila Wed 24 Aug, 2016

Alisha is my cute little girl & she is the true meaning of his name because she bandn the whole family with a rope of love

zia ahmad , nowshera Wed 24 Aug, 2016

My bro name is habib i very like this name

naina kiyani , rwp Wed 24 Aug, 2016

My name is usama

Muhammad usama Ahmad , Wag cantt Wed 24 Aug, 2016