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Which terrorist is clear that those who hate Islam and Muslims are Islam Want to make anonymity want to weaken Islam's power. These are Taliban or Taliban’S People who defame Islam or Muslims by name, or any other element of the elements Remember that they want to eliminate Muslims by bombing Islamic countries. That evil, cruelty or terror of any crime committed to the endangered destruction. The rays of cruelty will be dragged one day and the more it becomes dull. Then the terrorists will get their mammals together, including the tools and weapons. There will be no way to escape from the hypocrites, the world is not empty by people who apparently themselves.

Muslims The friends show but actually heart cancer for Islam and Muslims. And there are people who can not see the growth of the Muslims, they are Muslims in ranks Inclusion and some opportunity, harmless Muslims, harmless Muslims, innocent people, innocent children and women brutalize their oppression, target violence and brutality in a variety of ways. By giving himself a little bit of damage, putting the responsibility of Muslims on the basis of the creation of their unclean words complementary hurdles and other similar propaganda Pakistan and other countries also try to pressure the innocent people from extravagants, sometimes with the greed of charity sometimes ... the blast on the blasts of Karachi is actually creating sectarianism in our country. It is a rare conspiracy to reduce the integrity of the country and now, which can be done by the blast in Karachi, Jinnah Hospital.

Which can end all this, it is evident that only such and only powers can be considered to be Muslims as their enemy. Muslims feel like hatred and hatred; Muslims want to repel in every field; the loss of Muslim’s survival and security; Muslims want to occupy our region by creating sectarianism and discrimination. Want to The Muslim nation whose ancestors have enlightened humans with the meaning and value of Hurriyat and Freedom, Islamist elements want to clear their way by establishing an atmosphere of distrust and hypocrisy in Muslims. Our workforce By ending our Want to strengthen their feet on the borders, it is not time to succeed in fostering the enemy's conspiracy, but to restore awareness and patience. Demanding each other with the unity and unity, strengthening our power is forgetting us of every kind of personal political, class or group of prejudices. By virtue of the failure of all enemies of the enemy, strengthening the need for security and stability of their country and the security of their nation, the need to keep up with the need to see only the purpose of improving their country and nation. We should give If the Muslims become united, no power in the world can ever prevail on the Muslims and depend on the success of the Muslim, his faith is on his intention and his actions, and the whole world with faith and the true heart according to the same Islamic teachings. There is no reason why they can not make every enemy's conspiracy fail to make every propaganda fail to save themselves from the enemy's own weapons.

O Allah Almighty, accept our deeds and our prayers; Give us victory and honor in comparison to the enemy, save our nation from our enemies' fascinations and conspiracies, and unite us in front of the Islamic forces.

Give courage to go and give us success in comparison with the enemy, that we should never let the Muslim nation unite to succeed against Islam or Muslims (Ameen).

The World Terrorists America does not oppress terrorist Islam more than that in any injustice and no blame. The killing of the British army is not a human being; it is a crime to read the word. There is no wrongdoing.

Why do you think about blood flow in the Muslim world, not the world of terrorists, America, terrorists, Islam, Islam, Islam?

Who were the Muslims? ( The King of Terrorist USA) bombed nuclear weapons at Heroesima and Nagasaki in 6th August 1945 and 9th August. 1945? Were Holocaust Casting and racist Muslims in Rwanda? What was Germany's Hitler and Russia's Stalen? Are Muslims who surrender bodies in Kashmir, Burma and Palestine? Completely destroyed the Iraq. If the world's biggest terrorists are not Muslims, then let me say that we also do so.
if they kill. In the end I would like to say that there was a war and then the bombings.

How can we save the Muslim form the Global terrorist. As the Quran says, it is not permissible to allow religion to flow, but also for water for (Ablution) wazu. Only obey Allah order and obey Quran Teaching order, We, will save all the Muslims majority and human being.

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