Horrendous and Barbaric Crime in Kasur

(Muhammad Iftikhar, Lahore Pakistan)

Kasur event of innocent Zainab a daughter of the nation is the slap on the face of todays’ rulers who are sleeping without any conscience. This is not the single event happened in the history of Pakistan. But the irony of fate is that the rulers are only looking towards their own benefits. Poor is becoming poorer and they are still senseless as they were yesterday. Their mischievous role needs to be cut down at all cost. They are the kind of stuff absolutely indifferent whether people are killed or their veneration is sold at the altar of their vested interests. Their only concern is the extension of their rule. Frankly speaking, there is no exception of this kind of mentality whether it is Punjab, KPK, Sindh or Baluchistan. What is the guarantee such crimes will not happen in Zadari led Sindh or Imran Khan led KPK. Why this law and order situation went so wrong. It is the not story of merely last 10 or 20 years. When Pakistan came into existing, the purpose was to implement rule of law. It started happening from the sad demise of Liaqat Ali Khan. He was shot to death by the enemies of Pakistan because he was man of principle and had the vision to bring Pakistan forward.

Can anyone deny that no one from outside can play havoc till he gets support from inside. So this is the situation which emerged from the beginning and no ruler what to name contributed towards this degradation of the society. The rulers, therefore, always managed to get hold of power by hook or by crook with the support of their bosses. The local players were only the tools of these foreign powers. The people of Pakistan however, practically have never been a part of this power game. But on the other side it is also a hard fact that people cannot be evicted from their responsibility when they cast their votes merely on the basis of their petty interests.

This phenomenon of power game has resulted into the destruction of the whole fabric of the society. The quagmire has been intensified and will further deteriorate as no imminent change is expected in the presence of current ruling elite. The people mainly group upon ethnicity, cast, creed and sectarianism. Somebody can say that they have no other choice left with them as they have been kept poor, illiterate and aloof from broad perspective thinking purposefully. This policy of divide and rule had always been adopted so that the rulers can continue to enjoy their masters’ agenda without any obstruction. This approach thus has carried the whole nation to the brink of a massive collapse. This has further led the society to serious issues like extremism, bigotry, parochialism and a race to gain without any moral ground. No government ever took a serious effort to harness these issues. The institutions were always kept at daggers drawn particularly in 90s. The policy of provincialism was also propagated and spread from the biggest province of Punjab. I refer to slogan of Jaag Punjabi Jaag lag gya teri pag nu Daagh. It is not very old rhetoric. Just go back to 20 odd years and you will find what the havoc has been played with this country only for the personal interests. The rulers have no concern with the people. It is their business to rule the country, aggrandize the looting money and deposit it in the Swiss Banks to build their palaces in London and across the world. So they are sold commodities having nothing to deliver to this country. They would flee to their masters as they will find it when it is suited to them. There is no Nelson Mandala who spent his twenty five odd years in the Jail.

So many questions arise before us like is it the fate of people of Pakistan to be remained at the mercy of such senseless and cruel rulers? Had Pakistan been got for this purpose? Where is the root cause of all these malaises of the country? Was the formation of Pakistan a right step?

In his speech at the University Stadium, Lahore on 30th October, 1947 Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah stated: “Remember that the scrupulous maintenance and enforcement of law and order are the prerequisites of all progress. The tenets of Islam enjoin on every Mussalman to give protection to his neighbors and to the minorities regardless of caste and creed.” So can we judge they are the people in the power corridors having the same vision like Quaid-e-Azam. They do not act what they speak. It is a sad story of our ex-checkered history of seventy years.

Now there is no other way except that people of Pakistan should converge on a single point agenda to get rid of all corrupt mafia and achieve the real objectives of formation of Pakistan. The rulers of these times are all equally responsible of such heinous acts and there is no other solution but to purge society of all such elements, the real cause of present quagmire. Enough is enough and now or never is the order of the day. There is only institution which can bring some positive changes in the society. This is judiciary. If right steps are taken by the apex court and some sensible support from government is provided there is a hope at the end of the tunnel. Second is the sensible decision of the people of the Pakistan to elect only those people who are honest and dedicated and whom character is blameless, clean and free of any blemishes.

Time is running out rapidly and we have reached to its last edge where except destruction nothing is left.
Iqbal had rightly said:
Watan Ki Fikar Kar Nadan! Musibat Ane Wali Hai
Teri Barbadiyon Ke Mashware Hain Asmanon Mein

The decision is in the hands of Pakistanis, whether they only cry and accept death or rise to the occasion and declare the looters of the nation to place them where they deserve to be put in because in the eyes of these looters people are like insects just to be crushed under their feet. All people should come forward and defeat the forces weakening Pakistan and leaving it in this slough of despondency. From my school days when I got some senses to understand, Pakistan situation had been always at doldrums. This is only because no leader after Quaid e Azam and Liaqat Ali Khan came at throne God-fearing qualities. All were impregnated with their personal wishes and there is no except. So what is the solution to the whole situation? How will we be able to get rid of this rotten system always producing such kind of lot playing havoc with the lives of people of Pakistan. They are the kind of rulers who like Nero blowing trumpet on nearby hills of Rome and it burning. The situation does not seem to be improving and will go downside probably with the complete annihilation of the system. The law of requital is fully in vogue because what will we sow the same we shall reap.

Due to these policies, fragmentation in the society has increased manifold. The foundation of the society is freaking. Justice system is not properly working. Chief Justice him has admitted that there are legal cases pending for the last 10-12 years. The fruit, the whole nation is receiving cannot be called just as a result of one or two years but a legacy of 70 long years. Every institution has been destructed with a plan so that nobody can enquire or raise a finger to the rulers. Read the real time story or novel “Ya khuda” by Qudratullah Shahab. It has all real stories when Pakistan came into being. How the migrated people had been treated in Pakistan. Those were not only the Hindus but the so called Muslims who were committing such crimes on the face of this land. Any sensitive person thinks why these happened. Had Pakistan been formed for the purpose for what we did with our people. This is very hard fact, sore but reality is the same.
From above, it is easy to guess that such events can never be stopped till the justice system of Pakistan is not corrected; the God fearing people do not come on the helm of affairs and the sincere leadership having roots in the public do not have place at the top of echelon. No God will come Himself on earth as savior to the people of Pakistan. No special rescue force will pave the way for a true justice system in the country. People only and only have to decide themselves. They have to shun their differences. All positive forces should act coherently with one objective and that is to save Pakistan from the ruling junta like the one now in power corridors. Whether, people want grandeur structures as a symbol of their pompous show or they want education, health, food and security for their children. Choice rests with them and fate will turn in the direction of their decision.

No messiah is in offing to rescue the nation and no rule except to follow Quran in letter and spirit can resurrect the nation and give it the position for which our forefathers had sacrificed with their blood and sweat.

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