Does US stands for Un-Satisfied?

(Fawad Murtaza, )

Recently a statement has been issued by Washington saying “President Trump not satisfy with Pakistan efforts”. One can perceive it as a new version of do more.

Since the new year tweets in which President Trump labelled Pakistan as a safe heaven for terrorists, Pak-US relations became unfortified. The tensions escalated when Pakistan opposed the decision of US to recognize Jerusalem as Israel capital, but this time Us indulged even hard step to put Pakistan’s name in grey list over the allegations of financing terrorist organizations.

Pakistan has been the ally of US since 1950 after joining CENTO and SEATO. First Pakistan was steadfast friend of US against communism expansion and later on when after twin towers attack in 2001 US national strategy shifted towards war on terror Pakistan became its active non-NATO ally. This war cost Pakistan more than $120 billion while the aid given to Pakistan by its ally is $33 billion which is not even half of its loss. Despite it Pakistan lost more than 4 million civilians and 2.5 million military personnel from rank of Sepoy to General. But still accusing Pakistan for deceit is really rubbed salt in wound.

Yes, Pakistan did benefit from this alignment but it was mutual benefit. To halt communism expansion, US spent $770 billion in Vietnam while to disintegrate the whole communism campaigner and its hegemony challenger it had to spent only $20 billion with Pakistan’s support.But still disdaining Pakistan is deplorable.

The question is what else can your ally do for you? Its time for US to understand that its existence in Afghanistan and war on terror is articulated with Pakistan. Making Pakistan part of the problem rather than part of the solution won’t work.

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