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(Arslan Khan, )

Why would you prefer Pakistan as your destination this year? The answer of this questions lies in the beauty, hidden culture and diverse history of Pakistan. The magnificent terrain which are located in the north of Pakistan. These lands are filled with lush green plans and apex mountains with k2 as a jewel in Skardu the second highest roof of the world in the Himalayas. The beauty of the animals and with the wonderful sight of rare species of animals. The snow leopard living in those terrains, and the ibex in the khunjerab national park fascinates the people. Seeing a IBEX in the open is near impossible but not in north of Pakistan. You see them roaming around the vast fields of khunjarab national park. And moving towards Deosai national park makes it more interesting where rare specie of Brown Bear is found with the view of Sheosar lake in the park. The national parks which are preserved and observed by the tourism department have a mind blowing excitement of their own.

The explorers would love to see fairy meadows with the most dangerous mountains on its head the Killer Mountain the view of the mountain and sight of the place is a view that can’t be seen elsewhere. Also the architectural beauty of the fortresses lures the people to learn about them, Altit, Baltit and Shigar fort takes people to the chronicle of the rulers of these lands. Shigar a fort in which people can live and feel the lifestyle of the great rulers of that saga.

People enjoy the summer time with the love of Apple, plums and apricots in north. People enjoy this part the most when they pluck the fruits from the trees with their own hands and with the lavish taste present in them they enjoy those fruits with love of the people of gilgit.

A record breaking nearly 2m foreign tourist visited Pakistan this year and gave a-lot of love to Pakistan. With the good experience they had they shared their story with the world and proved that Pakistan is a country that has welcomes everyone who comes to their land. So this year expectations are even higher and north will get the love of the tourists even more.

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