Anti-Army rhetoric over Ahsan Iqbal incident

(Mehr Ispahani, Peshawar)

There is no point in dragging army in on the issue of assassination attempt on Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal as Nawaz Sharif intriguingly pointed to as if it was “result of appeasing Faizabad protesters”. It is like shifting the blame from government’s own responsibility that has done almost ‘nothing’ to implement its part of National Action Plan in true letter and spirit. One wonders who was appeasing the Faizabad protesters who took weeks to prolong their sit-in at Faizabad chowk, taking the two cities their hostage? Who is delaying arrest of Maulana Khadim Rizvi despite clear and repeated orders of court? Has Nawaz Sharif or his party condemned PTM or the attempt by PTM to desecrate Pakistan’s flag? He has not spoken a single word on Indian terrorist’s arrest. He is in alliance with Achakzai and others who publicly campaign for Pushtunistan and anti-Pakistan rhetoric. Now, on the issue of assassination bid on Ahsan Iqbal, political point scoring is at full swing, while the army is being targeted, without realizing that this is damaging and weakening the institution. This is understood that someone is pushing the enemy agenda. The attempt on his life has been condemned by all including the Army Chief and ISPR DG. Gen Bajwa is right when he says spectrum of threat demands full national response.

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