Conspiracy against Pakistan

(Akcah, Lahore)

From the past few days, there is a news whirling on the social media that Muslims in China are being mistreated in some kind of Chinese detention camp where they are forced to eat pork and drink alcohol and that Chinese government has confined about a million or more Muslims in these camps since spring last year. But this is only a rumour, in fact a conspiracy by our enemies which is being successfully spread across the country.There isn’t anything official related to the news that Muslims are being forced to eat pork and drink alcohol. No one has directly complained regarding this to any news channel or social media group. Secondly if 1 million Muslims are being treated that way, why isn’t there protest or any kind of uproar by the Muslim community in China.

All of us have friends who have been to China or are currently living there, and they are usually more satisfied with the way they are treated in China then their own country. Why haven’t we heard it from anyone among our circle? Why is the news surfing only on the social media?. For all those who are posting link of some internet article to show it as a proof about the authenticity, they all are well aware that how much easy it is to create a fake article and documentaries out of nowhere. Moreover if some kind of hideous act was done, it would be by a group of people, this isn’t possible on the state level and a country cannot be blamed for some of its insane people. As we know very well that in the last decade, there have been casualties of Chinese foreigners in Pakistan due to terrorism but Chinese were not dumb enough to spill hatred against Pakistan. Chinese are not some dumbos who will practice this officially on the state level as being mentioned in the articles about the detention centres. At the moment China is the only country that is completely supporting Pakistan, may it be for ammunition, trade or in the international community which isn’t digestible by many. Both countries have interdependence but it’s a fact that Pakistan needs China more than it needs us. We may have the strongest army but we cannot deny the fact that it’s due to China on our back that we are in a more stable security conditions. The security dilemma is less due to China being on our side. This is a conspiracy by our enemies but every other Pakistani is willing to buy it. Wake up and don’t let them isolate Pakistan. Our enemies are well aware of the fact that religion is a sensitive issue and it can lead to disastrous result. Every other Pakistani is just reading the post and sharing it without knowing its authenticity. Each of us are responsible at individual level to be smart enough before sharing any thing that is not legitimate. Each of us might be thinking that a single post shared by him/her doesn’t matter but it does. This is now trending on social media and we are actually ignoring the thought that what shape this might take. So as we have played our part in spreading this news, we must again contribute to reverse it.

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