5 Things That Can Get You through in an Interview

(Syed Saad Hussain, Karachi)

1. Use Positive Body Language:
Body language includes body posture, gestures, eye movement, touch etc. how you are sitting on the chair makes a great impact on the judgment of the employer. Even how you make eye contact your eye contact with the employer speaks volume, One has to be cautious about it. Show enthusiasm and energy of how bad you want the job. Take some time to practice in front of a mirror or with a friend. You want to come off as professional as possible.

2. Study your company and your industry:
Be up to date with the market trends and developments. Study job description closely to get a better sense of the skills the hiring manager is seeking. Familiarize yourself with the company’s mission statement and culture by checking out its website and social media platforms. Companies are working increasingly hard to hire not only the right employees but the right people. Being a good cultural fit can go a long way in securing a job.

3. Make your answers interesting and captivating:
When going for an interview, make sure to make it a conversation which you would like to indulge in. Try to be persuasive and go as brief in detail as possible. Companies want to hire engaged employees who have taken the time to learn about the company and role for which they are applying. Without this critical preparation, most interviews are merely one-sided exchanges in which the interviewer asks questions and the candidate responds to the question but cannot expand beyond it. The ability to have fluid conversation conveys preparation, intelligence, people skills, active listening and a commitment to your career.

4. Dress to arouse:
Try to show trustworthiness and respectability with your clothing. Creating an ideal image does not require high profile outfits. It means selecting clothing, accessories, makeup and a hairstyle that command respect in your targeted industry. To portray this image, you have to think about the fit of the clothes, make sure they are wrinkle- and stain-free, look modern and are both age and profession-appropriate.

5. Highlights your strengths and display key traits:
Knowing your true self and what you can do/can't do is one of the traits that will lead higher than the mountain. Let your employee know why you are the best candidate for the job, what quality you possess that others don't. how you going to utilize yourself to make the right decisions for the betterment of the company. Your CV will contain the highlights of your education and career history but this is designed to be a concise document, so there may be other relevant points to discuss face to face. Before going into the interview, make a list of the less obvious but equally important skills you’ve acquired over the years, whether through formal training or self-development.

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