Rotten system and politics

(Asfand, Lahore)

We are standing in front of elections again. Thousands of candidates have submitted their papers to election commission. Election commission is interviewing them now a day. Different videos are viral on internet today showing the almost no knowledge of candidates to islam. It is very strange and painful for me because next five years these candidates will lead us, make new policies, amend the old ones. These things are creating alarming situation for all of us that how can they be our representative, even Constitution of Pakistan also says that a person will be the head of state who is muslim. I want to know what a definition of word "MUSLIM" on Constitution of Pakistan. I really think that media should raise voice against such type of politicians and asked from judiciary department that why such type of people are eligible for leader of a house? I am not saying that only scholar should be eligible but a person should know even basics of islam atleast. I am saying all this stuff because these representative will create all islamic and non Islamic policies in future and when they don't know even little about islam then how could they do that.

We witnessed about change in oath for admitting Mohammad (P.B.U.H) last Prophet earlier this year. How is that possible that many people didn't even notice? Because they don't even know little about anything called islam. They are financially strong and finance is only their God and Prophet. With their power of finance they gain seniority in different political parties, They even drink, do all prohibited deeds but every political party every time give tickets to them and people vote them even knowing their truth.

Contrary to above description many politicians are in debt of different national departments like PTCL, WAPDA, SNGPL & others. They were somehow in last government on different posts. I am shocked that they not only got party tickets but also got clearance from ECP. Why they are free to do such acts? They will come again in power and make some policies for these debts and they will be free like a new born. How painful for a common man to give heavy taxes and bills but they don't care. They use there posts for their personal benifits. See the lifestyle of their wives, children even relatives.

My point is simple az that we have to raise voice against such rotten system and have to ask about assets of politicians, their debts, their policies and their views about religion. Hope that a reader will think about it.

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