(Farhat Tahir, Karachi)
My siblings including myself were the Fans of Imran khan in our young age. We had subscribed a weekly cricket magazine just to grab his posters!
Being a cricketer he was the hero of the nation.Despite of having the label of play boy all loved him, There was some difference of opinion among us about him but no proof against him.....till triumph of world cup ...then
Cancer hospital ....still hero ...!!
We bought coupon of his hospital. ..
Then at the age 42 married with a Jewish lady stirred up!
It confused many!
Then, in politics. Welcomed! Those days his articles on philosophy of Iqbal was a pleasure for all supposed to b wake up of Muslim thought and era... His failed marriage showed his sincerity & dedication to reform Pakistan!
General election of 2013 motivated and attracted the mass specially youth towards you for the slogan of Change!
It gave him entrance in assemblies!
Great chance to do some better for ruling laws, but he chose to sit-in against the govt. It was his right but the atmosphere here was just shocking for our culture! The language used we heard, the gesture we saw was very dismal! Nasty and obnoxious! ...and the limit was the day when he had jubilant of remarriage when the nation was mourning on APS attack! Moreover his choice again a suspicious lady was terrible for his fans ...It was the period he was the heart throb of media surely being a celebrity!
More and more scandals more the famous is the formula of popularity in show biz ....he nailed it!
Again in matrimonial mood and this time a plotted marriage with a mother/ wife who was supposed to have some spiritual life! Now he turned with 180 angle!
It could be welcomed but to,”prostrate” or “kiss" to any dead person/ grave is no more acceptable even for his followers!!
So, the end of the story is......
He is Zero probably at his last span of life, who could be a Hero or Leader of the Nation!
Going Abysmal is painful any way!
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