US Should Leave Syria

(Akram Saqib, Sahiwal)

US Victory Will Lead to More Chaos in Syria so USA and her allies should leave Syria for peace and stability of the region. The US and her allies have not won Syrian war. The war on the contrary has entered a more dangerous phase. Forces fighting on Bashar al Assad behalf have made important advances in recent years, taking Syria’s second city, Aleppo, in 2016 and securing his capital, Damascus, in 2018. They are now attacking the dissident throttlehold in the southern provinces of Quneitra and Daraa, where the revolution began. These conquests have changed the course of the war, weakening the moderate opposition and suggesting too many international observers that the fight for Syria is all but over. Bashar al Assad’s advances are impressive he is not is weaker as the US and her companions see him.

Iran and Russia are also on his side even Jordan has exhausted and is not opposing him. As USA has tried to internationalize the war will lay the foundation for future wars, and tactics of slaughtering the innocent Syrians to blame Assad will fuel a long-term war in the region. USA has double dealing in Syria, on the one hand she is engaging global jihadist against the regime and on the other hand blaming the regime of human rights violation. This strategy will keep combat raging in Syria for years to come.

The United States must admit that overlooking Syria will lead to a clean victory for Assad that will establish peace in the country and also in the region. But in contrary to that the United States is investing now in building leverage for future decisive action by strengthening the military and governance capabilities of its partners on the ground, regaining the trust of Syria’s rebelling population, rebuilding rebel forces, and denying Assad the international legitimacy he so desperately deserves. The United States is stubborn to constrain Assad and his backers at any cost. This cost is not being paid by Americans but only Syrians and Arabs. Assad’s victories in the recent stages of the Syrian war have not only depended on the support of Iran and Russia but also of Syrian people who are now align to civil war.

The USA and her allies have combined to provide the opposition with tens of thousands of ground troops, airpower, financial aid, and diplomatic cover, without which the rebels were likely to be toppled by Assad’s forces. These interventions have destabilized the Assad regime in the short term; they are redrawing the power map of the Middle East in a way that will lead to further instability. The USA and her allies should not to use Syria as a springboard for their international aggression. USA along with Israel has reportedly used Syrian air base to support the operations of rebel mercenaries.

Every country involved in the Syrian civil war has its own stakes. No one is sincere to Syrian people. Even UNO is not able to act on the spur of the time. The world community should force USA to leave all the place where she has waged war against the native governments so that this world would become a place of peace and a safe haven devoid of terrorists.

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