Novjit Singh Sadhu Visit Pakistan and Indian Media

(Karamat Hussain Janjua, Islamabad)

From all discussion made on Indian TV, Zee News and other blogs and abusive language expressly or  impliedly used against an honourable person like Novjit Singh Sadhu show that it was bona fide of General Qamar Javed Bajwa and high moral to respect a guest of Pakistan. His love for a Cricketer , his love for old countryman {On 14.8.1947 we all were Indians}. It was because of fundamentalist like abusers above , India became an enemy. Neighbor should be respected according to Islam as well as Hinduism and Sikhism. You should take the hugging of both nationals General Bajwa as well as Sadhu should be seen on high moral ground. Sadhu as well General Sahib are both Jat by caste.

Indians big-wigs separated Pakistan in 1971 and their guns did not shower flowers and modi admitted recently a year before during his visit to BD and Your guns and cannons are not showering flowers on Pakistani Army and her citizens. Enmity always is owing to powerful. India is always afraid of its own mis-deeds. Why a country lesser more than 25% would make enemy to a country four time bigger than it.

Pakistanis always defend their country and would do till their deaths. India considers itself a powerful country qua Pakistan. But india would be defeated because of its immoral things. Those things created Pakistan as many of Indians used abuse language in above replies. What you make furious is an act of sincerity on the part of Gen Bajwa who hugged Sadhu as a Guest in Pakistan.

I have seen that in spite of indians behaviour particularly its media, I have seen many guest Hindus and Sikhs come in Pakistan. Even Taxi Drivers respect them only for the reason that our culture is same. The customs like "JOOTI CHUPAI IN MARRIAGE CEREMONY IS SAME, foods and habits are the same. Your politicians and our politicians are same particularly in the field of corruption and arrogance as well as hypocrisy. General public has same sentiments. Pakistanis still remember their Hindus brothers and Sisters. Even our mothers still remembers their childhood friends.

We both are atomic powers. You people want to indulge the two countries always in wars.

Your are very narrow hearted person who abuse the others. May creator give us wisdom to talk like human being. This narrow mindness and madness would likely to break the India. This narrow mindness has already broken India in 1947.

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