Shattered Dream

(Syed Sadaqat Hussain, Karachi)

The heart and soul of an intractable minority of humans are filled with fear and terror that would never be extinct easily from the mind of bereaved families as it was clutched drastically after the deadly attack on two mosques in New Zealand in which 49 Muslims are brutally killed or they have been targeted for the worst racism by a gunman.

The impulse dream of migrants to be more secure is scattered as they thought it was a terrible choice for living in New Zealand. The question arising, “where to go” in the mind of people of displaced and war ravaged countries of the world, who are seeking asylum for a secure place of living.

What sort of thing quickly draw our attention behind this deadly attack is that a billion guns, a worldwide system of instant, unlimited communication through the internet, and leaders who gain power by stoking hate and differences, leaders such as President Trump and fascist Narendra Modi should be considered the source of spreading such kind of terrorist attacks.

There is no way to stop these increasing outbreaks until all nations decide for the common good and survival of humanity to severely regulate or even ban guns; to limit internet speech that incites violence and hatred and to reject before electing fascist and racist candidates, whose core message and ideology elevates and spread hate and racism among the nations.

While death is pursuing and the risk is not tight now for the innocent migrants, why don’t we think our responsibilities to make this world more peaceful and living to stop rapid viral spread of video of a mass shooting and attempt to stop its distribution? I admit that I don’t know where the balance lies.

What happened in the New Zealand the country does not deserve the hate, and spreading racism in response of terror attack. We should appreciate the significant and outstanding role and constant work of New Zealand Prime Minister, who devotedly and enthusiastically healing the wounds of the bereaved families.

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