How To Improve Stability of Pakistan?

(Noorullah Bhatti, Karachi)

Pakistan is under the pressure of many problems. Which are becoming worst through out its 72 years journey. Pakistan stability is under the mark from decades it have worst economy its have $277.2 billion GDP per year. Education is a base of every country but Pakistan have 39% of illiteracy rate. The rate of corrupt people is high in Pakistan, according to report from TIG (Transparency International Organization) Pakistan is 109.04m corrupt people from 1995 to 2018, corruption makes a country deface from its base.

So how should Pakistan stabilize?

We Government wants to stabilize Pakistan they should work on these 5 elements.
1 Economy
2 Corruption
3 Illiteracy
4 Poverty
5 Terrorism


Pakistan is facing vulnerable loss of its economy, less economy directly effect less comfort and opportunities for public.

If Pakistan wants to convert their economy government must mobilize their production market this will help them in import and export these are the key factors for economy more you import more will you earn.

Agriculture growth is also important for economy but for this government should remove taxes on agriculture materials.

Government also work on industrial development through this government will gain money and public will get employment.

Government should impose more taxes on rich people they also made a community which only acquire taxes from rich persons every month, in this way Pakistan can achieve a smart economy.


The role of corruption in Pakistan is so extra ordinary everyone is racing to win it.
Poverty of Pakistan is directly interact with corruption.

If we want to end corruption we should suppress our expensive needs
Government should increase pays of government servants they also introduce AI system (Artificial Intelligence System)
This system was experimented in university of Valladolid Spain this system used to computerized huge date, with the help of AI system NAB will which sector is more corrupted then they will examine every person of department. NAB must have all rights to check every person data and transactions, Banks should give their data to NAB for enquire, if this works government should maintain taxes on goods this can help to end corruption.
Pakistan illiteracy is 39.9%, Pakistan is under developed country where literacy rate is quite minimum.
The basic cause of illiteracy is poverty how a person can educate his children unless he hasn't food for a day, government should allocate more funds for the education, the illiteracy rate is worst in rural areas government should open free schools for these rural areas with honest and quality teachers, they also establish zakat based schools so people can join free hands with government.
Another key factor of illiteracy is child labor, government must made strict rules and laws on child labor and their parents, all the accessories of school should be free, private sectors also propagate education in the country, transport and quality teachers must be provided to poor students.

A person is poor if he earns less than he spend, to get out from clutches of poverty he has to increase his income.
The fact is that overwhelming percentage of federal taxes is collected through indirect taxes hits poor more than rich.
We have low GDP because rich refuses to pay tax, income tax has encouraged numerous illegal activities as ransom, tax evasion, smuggling, drug trafficking etc., masquerade as legal incomes.
Tax amnesty scheme must be introduced because recent reports from NADRA points 2.38m people rollinging in wealth but they don’t pay taxes. If this will happen than every country will in woeful condition. Section 114 of the ordinance identifies the class of persons who are required to file income tax returns, NTNS (National Tax Number Certificate) must work strictly according to 2008 act.

Pakistan began confronting hardline terrorist and paid a very heavy price in terms of human and material sacrifice, the country is still awaiting a coherent national policy to meet this challenge.
Pakistan lacks a national consensus necessary to bring diverse interest to a common platform to gain support for a new policy to fight terrorism.
Government should enhance security of their important places. A parliament must be the forum to initiate the initiative. But beyond the parliament members of the ruling structure must also reach out a wider variety of notable citizens who can contribute to the national security debate.
Former chiefs, police, retired intelligent specialist recruited in alliance. Alliance must frame a new nation security scheme.

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