A Serious Threat to PTI Govt

(Rizwan, Sialkot)

As we saw that the current ruling party Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and establishment are on same page and it was not obvious in the previous governments tenures. If we talk about the opposition parties, both major parties PMLN and PPP are not in this position so they can give any set back to the PTI government. In all of this scenario there is no opponent against the PTI government, but in some cases the wrestlers falls down just because of it's own weight. The same thing is going to happen with the PTI government, they have no opposition and no other institutional confrontation but economic crisis has increased throughout the PTI government. In all of this time period they have proved that all the plans and dreams was just rhetoric, they are on job learners. Pakistan economic crisis will create the issues between government and establishment, and what the expectations of establishment from the civil government? Answer is quite simple they want more and more budget consistently. Here is another question is arises that, is Pakistan able to fulfill the budgetary requirements of military forces? This is not even easy for the developing countries to increase the security based budgets annually. What does establishment do when they have no corporation with the civil government? This is not a mystery, everybody knows that the role of agencies in elections and the corruption stories of politicians. In the history of Pakistan many of political and some of them are valid cases were created by the institutions for political victimization. The only thing which can put all things on right place is economic development, until the economy is on track till than no democracy in danger. But when it face challenges there is also danger for democracy. PTI government should take an appropriate action on economy and they should remember there is no soft corner for any one until unless they work for their interest.And it is nothing just a game of interests.

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