History Of Israel Palestine Conflict

(Noorullah Bhatti, Karachi)

In the world war 2 The great Britain felt that they were alone and losing their war against America, they felt sluggish and tries to found new supports Jews were with lot of majority but without territory Britain reconcile Jews for coalesce and if Jews done that in return Britain will gave them some territory.

After the world war 2 Britain watered their promise and gave them some territory near Palestine. Both countries had different religion so that exacerbate to all Muslims. Both countries antagonism started from Suez canal crises in 20th century from that Israel illegitimacy continues against Palestine.

Jews taken over Muslim territories they started violence and riot and killed thousands of Muslims Suez canal crises ends with the victory of Israel. After sometime Egypt attacks from Sinai peninsula and Syria attacks from Golan heights on Israel but with the help of America Israel again got victory and occupy both Sinai peninsula and Golan heights.

In this same year six day war was also taken and tarnish Palestine huge number of people killed in this war Jordan taken some parts of Jerusalem and other parts taken by Israel than both Jordan and Israel fought and Israel occupy whole Jerusalem.

In 1964 The Plo (Palestine liberal organization) was also introduced and they started their war against Jordan with other Muslims countries. In black September killed 3000 people than King Hussain declared martial law and Abdul Nasser make peace with Plo then they made Arab league in all Muslims countries joint to maintain peace among Muslim nations. They also made yum-e-Kapoor resolution with one moto "No Peace with Israel" they stopped all exports towards Israel.

United Nations started peace negotiations and tries to snub crises.

Anwar Sadat the 2nd president of Egypt negotiate with Israel and got back his territories all the Muslims nations disagreed and kicked out Egypt from Arab league and yum-e-Kapoor after sometime he was assassinated by his people .

Un till not end but continues their tries they started many agreements like 242 resolution 1991 Madrid peace conference  1993 Oslo negotiations and 1994 Cairo agreement than hard work pay the price Yasir Arafat recognize Israel Un order both to return their territories and not interferer with each other.

In 1996 HAMAS attacks on Israel and killed 51 people this thing hurt them and they again tortured Palestine till 2007 Un again started state solution but they failed and it is still not solved. We should pry may Allah save Palestine and Solve their problems.

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