Muslims in India

(Muhammad Ali, )

Elections in India are being held in several stages, and Narendra Modi tired to impose war on Pakistan war to achieve success. The war stopped due to Pakistan's patience, understanding, and military expertise. But why Indian conspiracy does not stop. India is well-respected for these conspiracies, but Muslims living in India are not protected from their conspiracy. Everything I am doing is not according to the human values, according to any human definition, but every child is on the target of an old Indian gun, but Muslims in India are not safe anywhere, their lives are replaced by the cow. Their homes are burnt, property is destroyed, their mosques are covered, destroying their historical places. They go, interfere with their religious matters, they are confused by saying that they are called Pakistani in India, they are asked to go to Pakistan. It is common behavior of people and extremist organizations do the same thing. There is no big problem, Muslim riots, and after freedom, there is a long line of riots. There is no province in the state where there is a reasonable number of Muslims. everywhere, they have a sense of Hindu extremism, where they try to reduce their numbers. The state government officially tells the number of Muslims about 1400 million, but it is actually more than that.

India is constantly trying to stop growing Muslim population in some way but it has not been able to do so till now. In Kashmir Govt. of India is trying to settle new population of Hindus so that the Muslim majority can be reduced in Jammu. All possible efforts to change the proportions of a large scale working population is another thing that its actions further enlarged Kashmir's real-dwelling Muslims. Its extremist leaders declare openly open-mindedness everywhere. There is no place of any other religion in India. At present, the state of proportion of most Muslim populations in Assam where The population is more than one million, but they constantly live under Hindu discrimination. These intelligent Hindus demand that every non-Hindu living in India is becoming a second-class citizen. Prior to the recent election, the National Register of Set-up for the NCR to showcase the Muslim population in Assam has begun to be reviewed, aimed at calling out Muslims from Bengal as foreigners. Agra Bengali, from the current Bangladesh, are Muslims foreigners, even the Hindus coming from there The country should be declared foreign, but before the 2014 elections, Narendra Modi had announced that the Hindus would be given a status of a citizen as soon as possible, and he also said that the doors of the Indian side of the world It is open and India is their own . that is not the same as extremism and equal rights to their non-Hindus, but India is still the world's largest democracy to say. In fact, it was to reduce the proportions of Muslim population in Assamese by making NCR. There is a state of Assam in which a large number of residents came, they both included Muslims and Hindus, and due to this settlement, it was due to the fertile cultivation and fertile land, but to use it with religion to use against the Muslims. A law made In 1951, the majority of this indigenous registration made by the Muslim majority is being targeted that Assam could be influenced by elections, but Assam Governor Jagdish Mukhgee proposed this law to apply this law to other states of India as well. It is said that it should be registered here, but the main point here is that if non-Muslims or Bangladeshi Muslims settled in Assam, what is the problem in the province like Uttar Pradesh. In the 2014 elections, the BJP did not establish any Muslim candidate in Uttar Pradesh According to a recent BBC report, 40 million Bengali Muslims were declared foreigners and tried to get rid of their right to vote, even though they were allowed to vote in the previous elections, but residents of Assam say It is the real purpose of using NCR as against the Muslims, and that is exactly the secular India, which calls itself the largest claim of democracy in the world, and international organizations too Photographs are hard to ignore. It is an open violation of human rights. If the Muslim inhabitants living here for a century or at least half a century, they will not be considered as a citizen of the country or they are not citizens of any country on the ground. Regardless of whether the Muslims are in Assam, Uttar Pardesh or in some other territory of India, they should come and tell the World that what sort of issue and pitilessness they are confronting. With the goal that the World can realize that who responsible of terrorism and extremism in Asia.

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