Control The Inflation Otherwise !!!

(Raana Kanwal, Islamabad)

Imran Khan's government has come for 8 months. The inflation is on the rise. A piece of news on any News's website is being blown up in front of me that the Government's gas prices once again increased by 80 percent.

Imran Khan started his innings for the first time and the public had many hopes from them. Often people have already broken the hopes, but many are still hoping that Imran Khan will do a lot for public welfare while leaving the problems.

Opposition parties are cautiously exposing this inflation. And talking about the movement of government. So far, the people did not give much attention to their words, but the situation remained the same, conditions could change.

Imran Khan should understand one thing well here. About 85 percent of this country's voters is a common man. And a common man has no idea who was caught in the country and who was left. The common man does not have any special tension that the country's debt has increased. The common man simply tries to know how to run his house with less income. If you put all the burden on this poor to fix the institutions, then they will be disappointed with you. And if the common man disappointed you, nothing would survive.

You should not burden the ordinary man. Whether you have to do anything for it. Economic reforms fall down, no matter what. Even if the loans were taken for so long, they took a little more. But the ordinary man does not make a goat for sacrifice.

Due to the recent increase in the prices of electricity, gas and petroleum products, the public is still in shock. Every man's budget has been affected directly and going forward for such news will cause more frustration.

So whatever happened till now is the time to handle the matter. You promptly announce that prices will not increase for one or two years. And quickly bring a public relief program. Stop everything else. But control inflation.

Another thing here is very important. Businessmen do not pay prices, according to any principle. For example, if petrol is raised by five rupees, if the rate of an item should be increased by 5 rupees, then they will take advantage of the opportunity and pay 10 rupees.

That's why they have double silver because there is no questioner. See this also. One solution might be that computerized bills are mandatory. Strong action should be taken on more rates. So that artificial inflammatory can be punished.

Before people are so frustrated to handle the circumstances, handle the situation for God sake.

It is praying that Allah may give us prosperity soon. (Amen)

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