Barbeque Steak Spice & Sauce

(S. Maliha Sehar, Karachi)

Are you craving for some extra luscious saucy, tangy, spice thrilled and sweet barbeque steak? Are your taste buds tingling, already?

Ramadan Appetite for something extra is wild. After a day long, fast, we search for something adventurous on our dinner table. So don’t worry, HamariWeb knows it and has brought in the magic-recipe for Barbeque Chicken & Beef Steak with super sizzling sauce and spice marinating mix.

So Gear Up Dear Foodie and Follow us down!

Step # 1

Get 4 Fresh and Clean Boneless Piece of Chicken/Beef (any combination of breast or leg-and-thigh pieces) and set it aside. Take a Bowl and add following ingredients.
1. Vinegar (2 Tbsp)
2. Ketchup (BBQ Flavor/preferred) 5 Tbsp
3. Brown Sugar (4 Tbsp)
4. Salt (1 Tea Spoon)
5. 1 garlic large clove, minced
6. Freshly Ground Black Pepper (1/2 Tea Spoon)
7. Olive Oil (1 Tea Spoon)
8. BBQ Packet Masala (3 Tbsp)
9. Mustard Paste (1/2 Tea Spoon)
10. Tamarind Sauce (1 Tea Spoon)
11. Lemon Juice (1/2 Tea Spoon)
12. Garlic (a small piece, minced)

Mix well the ingredients. Add little amount of water to keep sauce’s consistency, well.


Step # 2

Pour the sauce into saucepan and Simmer it over medium heat for about 6 minutes. After 6 minutes, keep the sauce aside.


Step # 3

Now, take the meat pieces on plate and dig fork as to create seem less tiny holes. This tip helps in absorbing more BBQ flavor.

Step # 4

Place a grill pan over medium heat.

Season the meat with salt and pepper.

Coat with BBQ sauce using a pastry brush and tap sauce on the meat surface with help of a spoon. (The tiny holes will absorb it giving flavor to the inside of meat).
Place the meat on the grill.

Pour the remaining BBQ sauce in another small saucepan, over low heat and allow it to gently simmer while the meat cooks grill pan.

Step # 5

Cook the steak meat about 8 minutes per side.

After 4 minutes, Change the side of meat and continually brush the surface with sauce prepared. Then after 4 minutes, change the side again. Repeat the process for 16 minutes in total.

Note: Do not stop brushing sauce on the meat as to avoid the dry/burnt surface.

For Beef Steak, Cooking time may take a little longer. Check by inserting fork into your beef steak to assure its ready to eat.

You can also give Charcoal’s steam if you wish to add the aroma.

Step # 6

Remove the meat from grill pan and let rest for at least 5 minutes.

Serve the sizzling, saucy Chicken/Beef Barbeque Steak with the hot steaming BBQ sauce alongside. And it is all ready-to-eat!


Enjoy the Quickly-made, tempting red hot Barbeque Steaks and celebrate the food charms of iftar table, this Ramadan with your Friends and Family!

Happy BBQ Steaking!

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