Listen Them Rather to Kill Them

(Sami Halepota, Hyderabad)

Yesterday an Incident took place near at Khar Qamar Check post in North Waziristan, where MNA Mohsin Dawar and MNA Ali Wazir were leading a PTM rally in the area against an alleged enforced disappearance perpetrated by the military and when they reached near at check post Army Opened fire on them and 3 Protesters got killed and almost 30 got seriously wounded due to straight firing. Is this the right way to stop them with straight firing rather to talk to with them? well I don't understand who these people are? What they actually want from the State? Are they really Traitors or oppressed? Let's know about their organisation named as PTM Pashtuns Tahafuz Movement

What is PTM?
Pashtuns Tahafuz Movement was founded in May 2014 chaired by Manzoor Pashteen and Eight Students at Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan as an initiative for removing landmines from Waziristan and other parts of the former Federally Administered Tribal Areas, affected by the war in North-West Pakistan. Movement Rose to Prominence in January 2018 when it began a Justice movement for Naqeebullah Mehsud,who was killed in a fake encounter staged by the police officer SSP Rao Anwar in Karachi. Rao Anwar the Man who killed above 250 innocent and oppressed people in fake encounters finally granted bail by ATC on 4th July against a sum of Rs1 million. Therefore this Movement boosted up from Karachi and presented following demands to the Pakistani government and Military,
• Free and Fair Trial on Naqeebullah Murder Case
• Presenting Missing persons before courts
• Removal of Landmines from the Pashtun Tribal Areas.
Their slogan and Moto is Ye-jo-Deshatgardi hai ,iske peeche wardi hai, ( The one responsible for terrorism are the ones in uniform).
Now we come to know Why do they has to get such slogans?
The Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, which border Afghanistan, are governed under regulations dating from the era of British colonial rule. Pakistani courts and Parliament have no jurisdiction there; instead, they are ruled by a “political agent” appointed by the central government. Pashtuns and others living in the tribal areas have few rights and can be exiled, their homes and businesses razed, and members arrested en masse over minor transgressions.

After the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, the tribal areas — particularly South Waziristan, where Mr. Baitullah Mehsud was from, and North Waziristan — became a front line of the war on terrorism, as Al Qaeda and other groups took refuge there. Pashtuns in the tribal areas suffered both from militant attacks and from crackdowns by the army, Since 2001, the Pakistani military has launched 10 operations against militant strongholds in the region, most recently in 2013 in North Waziristan. almost 3 Million civilians has lost their homes due to these operations. Thousands of young Pashtun boys have disappeared in the last decade and a half, picked up from their homes and universities and streets in the name of curbing militancy,” more than 60 innocents had been killed by land mines in South Waziristan but still their leaders aren’t allowed to come to media with their demands, nor they get any respect from any government office even they are totally disappointed from judiciary also. Unfortunately there is no institution is ready to listen the army's mistakes in this country neither the government nor the Judiciary Just because Military protect us on the borders but now these rebellion voices reached at the state's Parliament and it is increasing day by day. I would like to request Chief of Army Staff Mr Qamar Javed Bajwa Kindly once Listen them Rather to kill them...!!!
Thank you!

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