Ehtram E Ramzan Ordinance 1981

(Sami Halepota, Hyderabad)

These days would really like to write about the statue that is called Ehtram E Ramzan Ordinance introduced with the aid of Gen Zia ul Haq on 25th June 1981.In section 3 of the act Clause 1 and 2 it's far stated that No individual who, according to tenets of Islam, is under an responsibility to rapid shall eat, drink or smoke in a public place all through fasting hours within the month of Ramadan. (2) Whoever contravenes the provisions of sub-section (1) will be punishable with simple imprisonment for a term which may additionally enlarge to three months, or with excellent which can also extend to 2500 rupees, or with each. while phase 4 is all approximately the prohibition of serving eatables in positive public places No owner, supervisor, servant, or other person in rate of a inn, eating place or canteen, or other public region, shall knowingly and willfully offers or serve or purpose to be presented or served any eatable in the course of fasting hours within the month of Ramadan to any individual who, in keeping with the tenets of Islam, is beneath an obligation to speedy.(2) Whoever contravenes the provisions of sub-section (1) will be punishable with easy imprisonment for a 10 which may additionally make bigger to 3 months, or with nice which can also amplify to twenty-five thousand rupees, or with both. segment 4 will now not be implemented on people who runs canteen and kitchen in hospitals for serving food to sufferers this segment also would not practice on individuals who runs their restaurants close to at railway station and Bus Stands those exemptions written in section 5 of an Ordinance, Cinema homes, theaters and different comparable institutions shall stay closed in Ramzan in step with section 6 of an ordinance. magistrate, Chairman of Dist. council, or a municipal committee or a town committee, the mayor of the municipal enterprise and chairman of Ushr Zakat has the powers to arrest such person mentions in phase 7 of an Ordinance. Now the query arises that what approximately 1,414,527 Hindus, 1,270,051 Christians, 6,146 Sikhs and nearly 7,0000 others, which kind of leniency are for them in this Ordinance? And why they ought to observe this they do not anything with tenets of Islam let you know the amusing that many minority humans have also been punished under this regulation and many non Muslims has also been fined due to devour on Public places. If i take a look on Pakistan's charter which became added in 12th April 1973, Article 26 of the charter says : Non-discrimination in recognize of access to public places (1) In recognize of get admission to places of public entertainment or resort now not meant for non secular functions only, there will be no discrimination against any citizen on the floor most effective of race, faith, caste, intercourse, house or location of start. I don't remember that in one area it's far point out that there can be no discrimination on the idea of religion,sex,gender,race and on the opposite aspect, we made an ordinance to violate it. So it's now not incorrect to say that nothing damages pluralism in a nation extra than a statute. This state is made no longer simplest for Muslims however also for each impartial person who owns unbiased attitude that is proved in Quaid's first speech in his cope with to the first constituent meeting of Pakistan on eleventh August 1947, Mr Jinnah stated: “you're unfastened; you're loose to visit your temples; free to visit your mosques or to every other locations of worship in the nation of Pakistan. You can belong to any faith or cast or creed that has not anything to do with the business of the country” This speech proves that He supposed to make the Pakistan a secular country, not a non secular state. almost 3 to 4 Million residents are suffering on each day basis, when Muslims used to rule over the subcontinent, there has been no such regulation that violates minority rights and at that point the whole lot changed into first-rate and people did not have any trouble with each other and now we are developing problems via making such legal guidelines, Being a Liberal Pakistani I call for to the country to amend this ordinance as soon as possible and it have to be renamed as in Ehtram E Insan Ordinance ...!!!

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