Opinion on Trump heights

(Shahryar, Hyderabad)

Golan heights, one of the sensitive part on which peace is indispensable for the world harmony. Recently, Trump has announced it's accession to Israel despite knowing that illegal deployments of Israel forces opposing to the UN decision. Because of trump valor step for it's lucrative greed, Israel government has named one of Golan heights part as trump height. After observing the different opinions, it seems that trump does not care about the peace in middle East. However, he is more interested in increasing his vote bank than the peace which can be turmoiled after his explicit judgement over the critical issue. As russia, Iran and gets despondent after knowing about the non-sagacious decision by the premier of United States. United Nations has also expounded his concern about this critical decision as it was already against the settlement of Israel forces and it has done every possible way to stop the war and still doing that which can be sparked after Donald trump so-called bold decision. Donald trump decision will surely cause turmoil in United Nation led pace progress.

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